Horses Helping To Heal Broken Hearts and Minds Of Defiant Teen Girls

Horses Helping To Heal Broken Hearts and Minds Of Defiant Teen Girls

When you have a defiant teen girl everything feels broken. Her heart. Your heart. Her mind. Your mind. Her future. The lines of communication. The path to a healthy and happy relationship. When everything feels so broken, it can be difficult to see where or when healing might come.

Healing Approaches

Depending on where you stand in the process, there are many different routes to pursue to heal the broken parts. It usually begins with communication and boundaries within the home. As a parent you lay down rules and consequences. You try talking with your defiant teen daughter about her behavior and attitude. For some, for the lucky ones, this is enough.

Others need outside help. Counselors, teachers, coaches, extended family – creating a support team is a critical step when a defiant teen no longer responds to parental authority. With hard work and the right combination of mentors, your defiant teen can begin a healing and rehabilitation process.

Unfortunately for many, healing needs a more concentrated and indirect approach for the complex issues facing defiant teen girls. If your teen has failed to respond to parental or counseling efforts, the comprehensive approach of a therapeutic boarding school. It can be especially true for girls with addictions from which they need to be removed, and replaced with healthy outlets.

Equine Therapy

Many therapeutic boarding schools have found success and solace with horses. Using horses taps into basic physical and emotional needs for defiant teen girls. They are able to turn their focus to something other than their struggles, unhappiness, addictions, or contempt. Equine therapy can stimulate calm, and provide the path to healing. Girls begin with learning, then practice, and finally responsibility as they interact with horses on a regular basis. The horses help them build relationships of trust and support at a basic, even nonverbal level, which helps them reset – both in mind and heart.

There are many opportunities and varieties of healing for defiant teen girls. From strict control to structured military academies to extensive talk therapy, you will find boarding schools and therapy programs that focus on fixing issues or preventing further damage. But schools who rely on equine therapy have a commitment to healing, which is what a troubled teen girl desperately needs. Equine therapy is the path to healing from the inside out, with a gentle and indirect, yet effective, approach. She is not doomed to a life of pain or addiction, and it just might take a horse to teach her that.


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