This Christmas, "go homeless" on airbnb so that foster youth don't have to.

20% of kids are homeless the day they age out of foster care. This Christmas, we're asking you to book a park bench, dumpster, tent, or street shanty on airbnb. The proceeds (minus airbnb's applicable fees and expenses), will go to Youth Futures Utah, a nonprofit that strives to keep Utah's at-risk youth off the streets. 

Our goal is to book the following airbnb locations through next Christmas and use the funds to keep Utah's youth and foster graduates housed and healthy as they transition to adult living. If you can't donate, please consider sharing this campaign to help raise awareness and bring in potential donors.

Thank you for your help, and Merry Christmas!

Option 1: Salt Lake City park bench for $1000/night

Open-air accommodation. Close to everything: parks, shopping, and a seasonal-restroom. Bed can be turned into shelter by sleeping underneath.

Proceeds will go to the Youth Futures Utah

Option 2: Secluded West Valley dumpster for $25/night

Semi-enclosed, open-sky lodging. Right on Redwood with nearby freeway access! No freezer necessary. Groceries will freeze naturally. Thaw with your body heat when needed.

Proceeds will go to the Youth Futures Utah

Option 3: Jordan River shanty for $50/night

Unforgettable escape in South Salt Lake. Experience territorial river geese and raccoons first hand. Not recommended for sleepers who roll over. No refunds for flood days.

Proceeds will go to the Youth Futures Utah

Option 4: Salt Lake City overpass tent for $100/night

Centrally located. SECONDS from I-15. Within walking distance of Smith's and Deseret Industries! Possible randomized checkins/evictions at night.

Proceeds will go to the Youth Futures Utah

If these accomodations sound miserable, please book.

Proceeds (you don't really have to stay) will go toward providing a home for Utah teens who are experiencing homelessness.

Seriously though, homelessness isn't a joke. It's an epidemic. There are over half a million homeless in the U.S. Help us make a difference in their lives this Christmas.

Why are we doing this?

It's a sobering fact that roughly 50% of America's homeless population have been in foster care. As a center that specializes in foster teens, our goal is to raise awareness of the link between foster care and homelessness, and to provide Utah foster kids with the resources they need to stay off the streets. By renting out homeless airbnb locations, you are helping to do both.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Merry Christmas and happy holidays🎄