Helping Your Troubled Teen Learn Responsibility at a Residential Treatment Center

Helping Your Troubled Teen Learn Responsibility at a Residential Treatment Center

Responsibility is a difficult thing to describe and an even more difficult thing to teach – especially to teenagers. It encompasses a variety of behaviors in a variety of situations. Many teens think of responsibility in terms of babysitting or driving their dad’s car, but responsibility has more to do with attitude and respect. Responsibility isn’t just knowing right from wrong or being trusted by adults. Responsibility is being a person who acts appropriately, interacts well with others, and does what is expected of them. Learning responsibility is a key part of growing older, but for troubled teens it can be a particular challenge.

If you have a troubled teen you may already be experiencing the trials that come from lack of responsibility. You can try to teach your teen responsibility by giving them assignments or chores, trusting them with special tasks or items, or encouraging them to get a part time job. However, if your teen is struggling – responsibility is often at the root of the problem. They may fail to practice and learn responsibility time and time again, leading you to limit their responsibilities and them to shirk remaining responsibilities. It’s an unfortunate reality of the troubled teen.

Teaching Troubled Teens Responsibility

Troubled teens can suffer from a litany of issues that cannot be solved by parents alone. Maybe they have gotten involved in drug use. Maybe it’s promiscuous sexual activity. Maybe it’s mental illness (depression, anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorders). Maybe it’s issues from abuse, adoption, bullying, or other traumatic events in her life. Whatever the issues may be, it’s common for them to interfere with basic teen responsibility. Teens may perform poorly in school, reject consequences for their behaviors, blame others, defy instructions or commands, and even harm themselves or others. The lack of responsibility they feel or understand is problematic, and can prevent them from overcoming their challenges and growing into healthy, happy adults.

If you’ve tried to teach your troubled teen responsibility and failed, you are not a failure and you are not alone. The issues your teen experiences cannot be addressed by you or school counselors. More intensive and holistic therapeutic approaches may be needed.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

At a therapeutic boarding school your troubled teen will have a whole-life, complete approach to their therapy and rehabilitation. She will benefit from the carefully constructed programs that teach her a wide range of responsibility and mental health. Rather than an irregular approach or waiting for her to “grow out of it,” therapeutic boarding schools provide a structured environment that addresses and corrects her issues. Troubled teens who attend therapeutic boarding schools are able to grow into successful, responsible adults. Don’t wait to get your troubled teen daughter the help she needs at a therapeutic boarding school.


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