Group Home for Troubled Teenage Girls

When teenage girls are struggling to cope with mental illness, emotional issues and untreated trauma, they can turn to reckless behavior. Sending teens off to military school, group homes or wilderness camp may seem like the answer for parents who just want their daughters to behave better and focus on their future. However, those types of programs aren’t the best way to treat the underlying causes of the bad behavior. Instead, many parents and kids are finding success in therapeutic boarding school programs. Havenwood Academy, a residential boarding school for girls, blends academics and therapy into one effective program for teens.

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What Group Homes for Teenage Girls are Like

A group home for teenage girls can apply to several different types of teen help programs. There are some short-term programs that help teens by getting them out of their current lives and into a program that prepares them for change. Some longer term programs like residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools, last longer and include a therapy plan and an academic plan. All of these are essentially group homes, in that the teens no longer live with their parents at home, but instead live with other teens and some mentors. However, therapeutic boarding schools are the only programs that offer long-term healing and keep teens on track in school.

Troubled teenage girls who may need a group home experience may be having emotional, behavioral or mental health issues. These programs at therapeutic boarding schools are instrumental in getting teens away from risky behavior and onto a better path where academics and therapy are a big part of recovery.

Benefits of Group Homes for Teenage Girls

No matter what state they live in, parents begin this tough journey by choosing a group home for teenage girls. They should seek out all programs that greatly exceed expectations. Not all therapeutic boarding schools are equal, however, and there is a great deal of variation in how they are staffed, how they are run and even where they are located. The best programs provide a safe and structured environment where teen girls can really get the help they need to plan for the future and turn away from bad behavior once and for all.

Here are some of the benefits that teens get from good therapeutic boarding schools:

  • Therapy. Licensed therapists hold group and individual sessions to dig deep at the underlying causes of bad behavior.
  • Recreational therapy. Working hard and playing hard is important for teens, and activities can range from horses and sports to art and music.
  • Academics. Certified teachers give teens a chance to take classes, repair credit and earn a diploma.
  • Life skills. Teens need to learn how to transition to adulthood, so classes focus on fitness, hygiene, cooking, budgeting, chores, teamwork, leadership, and much more.
  • Relationships. Troubled teens have the chance to repair relationships with their families, and also discover ways to make and maintain new and healthy relationships with peers, mentors and administration.
  • Community service. Many boarding schools require teens to do service in the community, helping them understand the benefit of service.

There are many more benefits from therapeutic boarding schools that teens experience. Instead of choosing the first program that they find or picking the one closest to home, parents should definitely conduct research to find a therapeutic boarding school that meets their needs. Havenwood Academy is an ideal residential therapy school that has helped hundreds of girls from across the country.

Choosing Havenwood Academy Over Other Group Homes for Troubled Teenage Girls

Havenwood Academy can be the answer to every troubled teenage girl’s problems of frustration, fear and failing out of traditional schools. At Havenwood Academy, we’ve created an atmosphere of respect and compassion. Teens here are safe and secure, and work with highly trained and qualified staff members on their own goals for the future. Havenwood Academy also has a unique treatment approach using experiential therapy, which is a method that emboldens teen girls to be the center of their own healing.

Another reason so many parents choose Havenwood Academy is because it is more affordable than many of the other therapeutic boarding school or group home options. We bill directly to the family’s health insurance plan, so that much or all the total price of the treatments is covered. Not all other schools can do that, so this fact makes it that much easier to choose Havenwood Academy.

Parents with troubled teenage girls need to take that first difficult step and located a proper group home for troubled teenage girls. There’s no time to wait, because the more pain and frustration teens face, the more likely they are to engage in risky behavior like drugs, drinking, promiscuity, bullying, self-harm and more. When it’s time to make the hard choices, Havenwood Academy is here for parents every step of the way.

We urge parents of struggling teenage girls to contact us at Havenwood Academy by calling 1-877-830-7012. We’re happy to share more information on how teen help programs can really affect change in the lives of troubled adolescents.


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