Four Ways Mentors at RTCs Help Self-Harming Girls

4 ways mentors at residential treatment centers help self harming girls

Teen girls come with a wide array of challenges and quirks. The emotional landscape is changing every day, and as parents it can be hard to keep up sometimes. Even the best of parents and the best of teen girls will experience serious trials and identity crises that can shake the entire family. It can be hard to know exactly what to do or precisely what your teen daughter needs to feel safe and loved – especially when communication is limited. But if your teen daughter has developed a habit of self-harm, the alarms may be going off. Self-harming is indicative of critical issues and a need to get a troubled teen girl professional help before the problem becomes catastrophic.

For the parents of teen girls who self-harm, residential treatment centers can be a source of help and peace. Because self-harm is a problem deeper and more serious than “attitude” or defiance, it requires careful and personalized treatment to help teen girls return to a place of emotional health and happiness. Residential treatment centers are designed to help teen girls overcome a variety of mental and emotional health issues, especially self-harm, by using a research-driven approach with professional mentors.

Self-Shaming Girls Will Benefit From The Mentors at Our Residential Treatment Center

  • Constant Supervision – The first step to treating self-harming girls is to stop the behavior in its tracks. Self-harm is so destructive and creates a downward spiral, so as soon as the behavior can be stopped – improvement can begin. With the constant supervision that only a residential treatment center can provide, self-harming behaviors have to stop.
  • Therapy – Residential treatment centers feature mentors and therapists who are professionally trained to help troubled teen girls. Self-harming girls will be in individual and group therapy, as well as other therapeutic options such as art, equine, outdoor, or recreational therapy to help her work through issues and see herself in a more positive light.
  • Healing Emotional Scars – Through therapy, girls will learn to identify the causes and triggers of their self-harming behavior. Until those causes are addressed, the behavior will not be resolved. At a residential treatment centers self-harming girls will identify and heal their emotional scars and baggage, which allows them to move beyond self-harm and other coping behaviors.
  • Teaching Self-Confidence – One of the most important features of a mentor-driven residential treatment center is the personal development curriculum. Mentors help self-harming girls to have confidence in themselves and their abilities. When troubled teen girls begin to build their self-esteem, they develop the confidence and skills to overcome their destructive habits, such as self-harm.

If your daughter or someone you love is struggling with self-harming behavior, do not wait to get them the help that they need. There are answers out there. Residential treatment centers can offer long-term solutions that you simply can’t match at home.


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