Employee Highlight – Seryna Carpenter

Seryna Carpenter is from Cedar City, Utah and graduated from Cedar High School in 2018. Her peers would likely describe her as a “wild child,” which she holds pride in being called. “It exemplifies my child-like personality, which is why I enjoy working with youth” says Seryna. Seryna plans to continue her education and continue to work with misguided youth. She has loved the opportunity she has had with Havenwood Academy and states “I have learned so much about trauma and attachment in the brain, from this I have in turn learned a massive amount about myself, such as my admiration for helping our girls become the best version of themselves.”

“In her short time with us, Seryna came in smaller than most of the girls in the program and quickly learned her role as a youth mentor. She has a great personality and relates well to the girls, especially helping them when they are struggling. She has demonstrated a strong presence much larger than her stature. She is always asking questions to continue to learn and better her skills to do her job well. She has covered shifts in others absences helping us to stay in ratio even at both houses and has gained through her care and concern for the girls. They in return treat her well and trust and respect her. She continuously goes out of her way to see the girls maybe hiding and struggling to find ways to comfort them and help them through it.”

– Bryan Cook | Assistant Program Director


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