Employee Highlight – Diana Baldwin

Diana is one of Havenwood Academy’s newest therapists, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t already had a great impact on the young women we work with. Diana completed her social work degree at the University of Utah, where she was also lucky enough to participate in a rigorous Feminist Multicultural internship and training program. She has worked and trained in many different environments, including homeless shelters, international orphanages, very low funded treatment centers, and some of the top treatment centers in the U.S.

Diana says, “I love working with the girls, and seeing a little light go off in them that says ‘maybe I can do it’, ‘maybe I am worth it’ etc. etc! We have had some really powerful groups on body image, confidence, and taking our power back. It makes me so happy to see them start to transition into loving themselves.”

Diana is passionate about justice work, confidence building, trauma work, and body image work. She has also worked and traveled extensively in places like South Africa, Ecuador, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Overall she has been to around 30 countries and plans to visit many more. When she’s not working you can find her with her family and friends, at the gym or dancing salsa.

”Diana is a great asset to the clinical team. In addition to having years of experience as a therapist, she is always willing to help out even when it means taking more than her share of work. Diana does an excellent job in her groups, where she teaches acceptance, diversity and resilience. She embodies confidence and independence, which makes her a great role model for the girls. Her knowledge in the areas of body image and other issues often specific to women, make it so she is able to help the girls be more confident and learn to love themselves. We are glad Diana is part of the Hope Group team! ”

– Alex Baird: Clinical Director


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