Employee Highlight – Camio Holman

Camio is from Sandy, Utah and moved to Cedar City to attend Southern Utah University and attain a degree in Elementry Education. Camio says “I love living down here and getting out into nature to enjoy the scenery and doing some photography.” She credits her dance coaches who taught her to be a leader and work hard for everything she desires. Since beginning her time with Havenwood Academy 6 months ago, she has loved getting to help the girls progress and work on their program. “I enjoy helping the girls learn new things and work to better themselves for the future. The opportunities available to move up in the company and grow as a person are amazing. Everyone at Havenwood is truly dedicated to helping the girls and it makes it an even better place to work when you know all of your coworkers care about the girls just as much as you do. When I was looking for a job I knew I wanted to work somewhere that I could make a change and really help someone, I feel like Havenwood Academy is the perfect place for that.”

“When Camio started with Havenwood Academy, she was very quiet and very timid. She showed that she was meant to be here and finding her voice and her way on how to best help these young ladies as well as her team and the program. She has a deep love for the girls and the work here, she sets her boundaries, and even when being confronted, holds her ground and helps girls be accountable for their behaviors that has a negative impact on themselves or others. Camio has been very creative with activities for the house and for different outings. She stepped in the absence of of the Team Lead Bering out sick and or helping at the other house. She has recently been given the Team Lead position at our Havenwood North house on swing shift #1 and is doing a great job with leading her team and teaching them and helping the girls in their journey to heal.”

– Bryan Cook | Assistant Program Director


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