Disciplinary Schools for Girls

There are so many issues that teenage girls face today—social media, bullying, body image, drugs and alcohol, pressure to succeed and so much more. Now imagine having to face those issues and more compounded by mental health problems and emotional obstacles. Teens that have so many problems in their lives often turn to risky behavior because they don’t know of any other way to face those challenges.

When traditional school is no longer safe or supportive, parents can enroll their daughters in disciplinary schools for girls, better known as therapeutic boarding schools. Havenwood Academy is a highly regarded therapeutic boarding school that has helped hundreds of families overcome troubles.

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Reasons to Avoid Disciplinary Schools for Girls

Decades ago, troubled teenagers were shipped off to military school or reform school in hopes that some strict discipline would cure them of bad behavior. Thanks to advances in medicine, mental health and adolescent studies, experts now know that harsh treatment and punishment is not an effective way to change a teen’s behavior.

Those old-fashioned treatment programs are falling by the wayside, and facilities like therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers are growing rapidly. Using a supportive, therapeutic approach, boarding schools work with the teams on taking ownership of their actions and inspiring them to live the life that will lead to health and happiness. Because the schools provide a safe and supportive environment and are staffed with professionals that have the proper licensing and certification to work with adolescents, the teens get plenty of guidance on how to overcome their issues and gain an education as well.

Havenwood Academy is a fine therapeutic boarding school located in Utah that has already helped hundreds of families with their troubled teen daughters. Instead of considering disciplinary schools for girls, look for therapeutic boarding programs like Havenwood Academy.

Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls

Parents who are seeking a residential treatment program for their teenage daughter are going to be faced with lots of choices. It’s important to get the proper school that meets their individual needs. Boot camps and wilderness camps are short-term intervention-style programs but don’t offer any academic components, and often they don’t include therapy either. Military schools are for students who want a career in the armed forces, not those who need therapeutic help. For long-lasting results, therapeutic boarding schools are the right choice for troubled teen girls.

There are plenty of features to look for when selecting a disciplinary school for girls:

  • Regular therapy sessions. Make sure that there are licensed therapists on staff to work with the girls on any mental health issues they are dealing with.
  • Academic support. Check for certified teachers with experience in special education to assist the girls in repairing school credit, getting to grade level material and earning a high school diploma.
  • Recreational therapy. Whether it’s working with horses, playing sports, creating art or music or participating in outdoor adventures, a good school has extracurricular programs to boost the girls’ self-esteem and gets them to focus on things outside of themselves. ,
  • Community skills. Learning all-important life skills is a key part of moving from adolescence to adulthood, and teens should be learning lessons from laundry and chores to hygiene and cooking, and more.
  • Family healing. Most troubled teens have damaged family relationships, so schools should feature family therapy where everyone is taught how to build and maintain healthy relationships.

These features, plus a safe and secure environment in which girls are treated with compassion and respect, should be what parents are seeking in a therapeutic boarding school. Parents should be sure that any disciplinary schools for girls that they look at have plenty of successes and positive outcomes for all participants. Havenwood Academy is the best type of disciplinary school for girls, because as a therapeutic boarding school, it provides top-level care by highly qualified staff.

Choose Havenwood Academy Over Disciplinary Schools for Girls

Havenwood Academy is the better choice over disciplinary schools for girls for several reasons. Because of our Utah location, Havenwood Academy must operate under that state’s laws regarding teen help programs. Many parents are relieved to find out that Utah’s laws are some of the toughest around, and far superior to regulatory laws in other states. Also, Utah is far enough away for teens to feel removed from their current negative life and bad habits, but still just a short plane ride away from anywhere in the country.

Another advantage of Havenwood Academy over disciplinary schools for girls is that it is quite affordable. Because we can bill family insurance plans, the cost of treatment is significantly reduced and therefore more affordable for families. While parents will pay what it takes to help their teen daughters, it’s nice to discover an outstanding therapeutic boarding school that isn’t a strain on the family budget.

Havenwood Academy can help you learn more about therapeutic boarding schools versus disciplinary schools for girls when you call 1-877-830-7012 today. We look forward to helping your teen daughter realize her potential and move toward better health and well-being.


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