Defiance, Anger & Disrespect

Havenwood Academy Residential Treatment Center for girls is designed to help troubled girls who display debilitating levels of defiance, anger, and disrespect. These issues alone, if gone unchecked, can spiral out of control causing great harm to a young life and her family. Moreover, when a troubled girl displays extraordinary levels of defiance, anger, and disrespect it is usually an indication of an underlying problem that has gone undetected and untreated.
Uncontrolled Defiance and Anger

All teenagers exhibit some levels of behaviors of defiance, anger and disrespect; sneaking out at night, slamming a door, or rolling of the eyes. This is normal teenage behavior. However, uncontrolled defiance, anger, and disrespect is not normal; it can cause a young lady to lose a great deal of her potential, causing total disruption at home, school, or in her personal life. The outcome is sometimes horrendous.

But what do you do when the issue of defiance or anger escalates and leads to bigger authority problems? What happens when the defiant behavior goes outside the home and begins to affect her at school (poor grades, constant drama, and even expulsion)? What do you do if the problem gets out of hand and she is now involved with law enforcement and the juvenile justice system?
What Can I Do?

Out of control defiance may start by her breaking rules of the home; coming in past curfew, staying up past an established bedtime, staying out all night; not doing their chores, smoking and drinking, etc. Defiance can get worse. When your daughter begins to dismiss you outright (disrespect), refusing to do what you ask, and defying all parent-home rules, what do you do? When she begins to blow up in angry outbursts and you can no longer approach her about the poor choices and outrageous behavior, what do you do? Sometimes the answer is an out-of-home therapeutic placement.

We know that you have your teen’s best interest at heart. You want her to succeed. You fear for the consequences of her choices. Have you considered that the defiance and anger is a mask covering up a bigger more concerning problem? Many times girls that have been harmed (sexually or emotionally) begin to act out. Parents focus on the outrageous behavior and the cause of the behavior goes undetected and untreated. Perhaps there is a deeper issue that is associated with your daughters inappropriate behavior.
Havenwood Academy is the answer for troubled girls

Angry defiant teens (hurting children) are one of the biggest challenges parents can face. It can be a no-win situation. Know that you are not alone and there is help. At Havenwood Academy we specialize in the therapeutic intervention of defiant angry girls.

If your daughter is slamming doors, yelling and screaming, defying your authority and dismissing you all together you know exactly what it means to have a tiger by the tail. Your entire household, and your entire life, feels like it is out-of-control and you have a monster living in your home. She is causing all kinds of havoc and anguish. You know that you need to address the behavior, and you cannot let the outrageous defiance and disrespect continue. If the situation continues the trauma could be more than you can bare.

With girls who have been sexually abused, raped, or molested they can manifest their pain through anger and defiance. The expression of her anger can be violent, lashing out physically at siblings and sometimes parents. Girls with anger problems often throw or break things. The anger can erupt at any moment and seemingly without cause. This sets the family on edge and wary of every action for fear of an angry response from her. Something is wrong… something under the surface is causing this outrageous behavior. This girl needs immediate therapeutic help.
Stop the Pain and Start the Healing

Total disrespect from your daughter is hurtful and painful. You feel insulted and offended. When disrespect is deliberate, hurtful, demeaning and rude it is time to seek outside help. At this point it is almost impossible for you to effectively deal with your child when you are the target of her attacks. The truth is that by the time a troubled girl gets the help she needs parents are often traumatized and wounded, needing their own therapeutic intervention. As you struggle to deal with all the hurt how are you going to be the catalyst that helps your daughter. Every attempt to help her up to this point has caused you more pain.

Parents become exhausted, feeling as though they’ve “tried everything” to get through to their daughter and nothing has worked. All too often you have no more choices, and your daughter is left to their own device, to succeed or fail. This creates a cycle of frustration, anxiety, and conflict that is doomed to intensify to the point of the next crisis – where the teen, the parent, or both reach a breaking point.


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