Connection - Break - Repair

This is the normal course of all relationships. At Havenwood Academy, we teach our young women, our families, and our staff about the importance of this concept.

It is the repetition of connection, break, and repair in our young women that creates lasting change. Trauma is not likely to be healed through talk therapy. The brain has to experience that the world is safe over and over to make change. The cycle of connecting with another human being, experiencing normal breaks in the relationship, and repairing relationship creates the change in our young women.


Humans are hard-wired to seek connection with one another. When we feel it, the world is safe. This is especially true for our young women.


Break is a normal part of being connected. Any simple disagreement will produce a break. Our teens understand and create large and frequent break. We need to teach them to decrease the frequency and intensity of breaks.


Repair is how we enter back into connection. A reciprocated smile, an apology, an act of service; all of these serve to repair. Our teens struggle to understand or implement repair. It is a high priority that we teach them to repair quickly and genuinely.


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