Common Addictions For Troubled Teen Girls and Where to Find Hope

Common Addictions for Troubled Teen Girls and Where to Find Hope

When you hear about addiction in teenagers, many often think immediately of teen boys getting involved with underage drinking or drug abuse. For some reason there exists the stereotype that boys are more risk-taking and prone to addictive behaviors.This may or may not be true, but it is important to remember that teen girls are also incredibly susceptible to addictive behaviors. Addiction in teens is so incredibly dangerous, because they often lack the foresight to predict the consequences of their actions, and they are at a formative stage that can determine the rest of their lives.

Drugs & Alcohol

Of course drugs and alcohol are the best known addictions in teenagers. Underage drinking is a serious problem in America, and teen girls are in danger of falling to peer pressure that urges them to drink at parties.

Prescription Drugs

There is a rising trend in prescription drug addiction in teen girls. Because these pills aren’t seen as “illegal” many girls think they cannot become addicted or get in trouble. They may get the pills right out of their parent’s cabinet, or from friends.

Social Media

Many teens today are growing addicted to various forms of social media because of the attention and validation they receive by posting pictures and sharing parts of their life online. They need more and more likes, more friends, and more posts. They can become dependent on the internet and social media for their mental well-being.

Food and/or Exercise

Eating disorders are often forms of addiction. Food addiction can lead to obesity, or bulimia. Anorexia is sometimes accompanied with extreme exercise habits. This can be a tricky spot for teen girls, because you want them to eat healthy and exercise, but also to maintain balance.


Unfortunately it is not uncommon for teen girls to become addicted to sex. They may quickly learn that sex feels good and helps to boost their self esteem. It may get them attention and care from boys, and even raise their popularity. It is a dangerous precedent to set, and can lead to sexually promiscuous behavior.

There Is Hope For Your Teen At Havenwood Academy

If you have realized your troubled teen daughter is struggling with one or more of these addictions, or you’ve experienced one of these alarming situations, it can be overwhelming and scary. It is tempting to label it as a phase and hope they grow out of it. However, addictive behavior in troubled teen girls may only get worse, especially if it goes unaddressed. Find your daughter the professional help she needs right away, to solve the problem before it ruins, or takes, her life.


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