Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Wyoming

There are lots of reasons why teenage girls in Wyoming are experiencing struggles with behavior. Often, it is due to issues like depression, substance abuse, anxiety, abuse trauma and more. Far too many parents turn to the first teen help program that claims to be able to help, like a military school or boot camp. However, these types of places rarely have much to offer troubled teen girls, because they are really focused on making kids conform rather than figure out what is triggering the mental health issues or emotional problems. Instead, a resident boarding school is a much better place for Wyoming teens to focus on long-term rehabilitation.

If parents in Wyoming have any questions about Havenwood Academy, they can call 1-877-830-7012 to get the information they need.

Picking Havenwood Academy

Plain and simple, Havenwood Academy is a safe and secure place for teen girls in Wyoming. For many parents, the fear is that such a place may simply cost too much. Many different programs really are unaffordable for many families, but not Havenwood. That’s because the clinical treatment offered here is covered by many family insurances, meaning that the family responsibility is much less than other schools. Wyoming parents don’t have to worry about choosing between an expensive good program and an affordable but non-effective one. Getting insurance companies to help cover costs is the best way to ensure that Wyoming teens will get to stay for a long time.

Wyoming teenage girls who struggle with emotional and behavioral challenges will absolutely get the best care while staying at Havenwood Academy. The best and most qualified staff members devote their time and talents to focusing on teen mental health issues and guiding the girls toward a brighter future. Boot camps and military schools simply don’t provide the level of care or therapy that is found in a therapeutic boarding school. Havenwood Academy is the place where Wyoming teens can thrive.

Startling Statistics on Wyoming Teens

There are plenty of challenges that Wyoming teenagers face, but those with mental health problems often turn to risky behavior to cover their pain, find acceptance and deal with stress. Parents in Wyoming are often unaware of how dangerous their teen’s behavior really is.

They should look at these troubling numbers that represent some shocking behavior by Wyoming teens.

  • 32 percent of Wyoming girls in their teens had alcohol in the last month
  • 33 percent of teenage girls in Wyoming use marijuana at least once
  • 11 percent of girls in the state use inhalants
  • Just 79 percent of teens in Wyoming actually graduate from a high school program.
  • The state of Wyoming ranks 4th for suicide rates

If Wyoming teen girls are participating in troubling behavior that is not only harmful but often illegal, they are definitely going to need professional help in getting their lives back in order. Often, teens need a nudge in the right direction and all kinds of therapy to help them make better choices in life.

Avoid Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Wyoming

Before there were many other options, boot camps and military schools for girls in Wyoming were seen as the only places where kids with bad behavior might learn some respect. However, the harsh physical treatment, focus on conformity and behavior modification and the lack of true therapy simply means that teens learn how to get through the system and get out as fast as they can. Only in a therapeutic boarding school can real healing begin, thanks to the latest adolescent therapy practices and implementations of programs that are proven to work.

Here are just a few things that resident boarding schools provide to struggling teens from across the country.

  • Therapeutic centers focus on structure and safety while providing compassion and a nurturing atmosphere.
  • Trained therapists work with teens to figure out their personal issues and mental illnesses and then work on overcoming them.
  • Teens learn coping skills that will help them handle the challenges of adolescence and adulthood.
  • Qualified teachers provide academic support for teenagers who are in need of credit repair, tutoring, and help with learning disabilities.
  • Accredited academic programs give teens a way to earn a diploma.
  • Various recreation therapy programs provide teenagers with ways to build their self-esteem, learn more about communication and leadership, and have some fun.
  • Mentors provide teens with a chance to develop life skills they will always need, like cleaning, cooking and laundry.

These types of therapeutic resident programs and long-term boarding schools give Wyoming teens a real chance at rehabilitation. Without such programs, teenagers won’t have any positive influence or real therapy to help get them from the low place in their lives to a place where they can be happier, healthier and more productive to society. No boot camps or military schools will heal teens the way that places like Havenwood Academy can. The best things in life are awaiting teens that attend a therapeutic resident school.

Let Havenwood Academy Help Wyoming Teens

Wyoming parents definitely should avoid boot camps and military schools for girls in Wyoming, because these short-term programs almost never work for long. Residential boarding schools are definitely the right idea for families that want a holistic approach to healing, and choose to get to the root of a teen’s problems rather than just covering them up. There’s a reason why Havenwood Academy has emerged as one of the top locations for troubled teen girls in Wyoming and across the country.

Wyoming parents with interest in learning more about Havenwood Academy should definitely contact 1-877-830-7012.

Troubled Wyoming Teens From These Cities Should Attend Havenwood Academy

Cheyenne, Gillette, Laramie, Casper, Sheridan, Green River, Evanston, Jackson, Riverton, Rock Springs, Cody, Rawlins, Lander and Powell.


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