Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Vermont

It’s never too late for Vermont parents to get professional help for their struggling teenage daughters. To find a place where there is a safe, structured program with academic support, therapy and daily care is hard for many parents. It’s a big mistake to think that boot camps and military schools for girls in Vermont are the right place for troubled teens. Instead, a therapeutic boarding school can provide the long-term healing she needs.

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Why Havenwood Academy?

Havenwood Academy is a fine facility that puts the needs of Vermont teens first and puts healing and recover as a top priority. Boot camps and military schools are definitely not the place for troubled teen girls who struggle with issues like depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bipolar, substance abuse, and more. When there are mental health issues and emotional or behavioral problems, Havenwood Academy provides qualified staff members to guide teens toward a brighter future.

Havenwood Academy is also attractive for parents because it is more affordable than many other programs. That’s because much of the cost can be handled by a Vermont family insurance plan, making the parent’s portion much smaller. It speaks to how effective and clinically based the Havenwood Academy program really is that insurance companies take it seriously and work with staff on coverage. Vermont parents who want the best for their daughter but worry about cost should take a look at Havenwood Academy right away.

Vermont Teen Behavior Statistics

Mental health challenges are something to take seriously, but far too many Vermont parents think that the bad behavior they are witnessing in the children is just a phase they will grow out of. The truth is that risky behavior in troubled teens is often a way of dealing with problems but the activity only aggravates the issues instead of resolving them.

These Vermont numbers should make every parent worry:

  • 30 percent of Vermont teen girls drink at least once per month
  • 15 percent of those same teens binge drink
  • 7 percent of all VT teens use inhalants to get high
  • Only 87 percent of teens in the state graduate from high school
  • Vermont ranks 10th of all the states in suicide cide rates

When Vermont teenagers use bad behavior to cover up their pain, frustration and fears, it can lead to a lifetime of bad habits, harmful behavior and even illegal activity. Parents must take those first steps to providing their children with the professional therapy they need so desperately. Havenwood Academy is a fine boarding school where troubled teenage girls from Vermont and across the country can change the course of their lives for good.

Don’t Choose Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Vermont

Boot camps, military schools, wilderness camps and similar teen help programs are simply not designed to help teens resolve their mental health issues. Instead, they rely on strict rules, lots of physical exhaustion, tough treatment and a reward/punishment model to force teens to conform their behavior. This may bring about short-term changes, but does nothing to resolve the deepest mental health problems that teens face. Resident therapy schools are more focused on change from the inside out, knowing that when the emotional and mental illness factors are worked out, the better behavior follows.

Havenwood Academy is superior to lower quality boot camps and military schools because they have staff members that are specially trained in helping adolescents with emotional and behavioral issues. They work hard to create a safe and nurturing atmosphere where girls are taught to be their best selves and find their inner talents that will help them be more successful. If parents in Vermont can no longer provide the support and structure for their daughters, than a therapeutic boarding school is the answer.

Here are just a few benefits of enrolling Vermont teens in a resident therapy school:

  • Qualified therapists conduct regular sessions with teens, both one-on-one and as groups.
  • Mentors help teens gain valuable life skills, from laundry and budgets to cooking, job interviewing and more.
  • Certified teachers conduct their classes in compliance with an accredited academic program that gets teens closer to earning a diploma.
  • Recreation therapy is used all the time to help teens improve leadership, communication and self-esteem. Equine therapy, sports, drama, music, outdoor recreation and more can all be part of this type of therapy.
  • Transition programs help teens re-enter the real world, live with family again and make the transition from teen to adult.

Therapeutic schools for teens are definitely the way to go instead of military programs that make big promises and just don’t deliver. Vermont parents with the desire to really help their teenager must consider the long-term benefits of a resident boarding school like Havenwood Academy.

Havenwood Academy is the Right Choice For Troubled Vermont Teen Girls

Military schools and boot camps just don’t have the same quality of care or experience in adolescent care to compare with a therapeutic boarding school like Havenwood Academy. That’s why Vermont parents need to make the decision to learn all they can about the different programs so they can make the best choice. While it’s never too late to enroll a child in such a program, delaying can cause all kinds of problems as the bad behavior gets worse. Let Havenwood Academy help troubled teenage girls become the strong, successful people they are meant to be.

Havenwood Academy representatives are happy to answer any questions when parents call 1-877-830-7012.

Vermont Cities With Teens Who Might Need Havenwood Academy

Burlington, Rutland, South Burlington, Montpelier, Winooski, St. Albans, Newport, Barre, Vergennes


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