Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In South Carolina

There are far too many issues that South Carolina teens have to deal with in today’s world—from ADD/ADHD and anxiety to depression and other mental health issues. South Carolina parents who are looking for answers may first turn to boot camps and military schools for girls in South Carolina without really investigating all the other options out there. The facts are that military schools and boot camps simply don’t utilize the latest and greatest methods to help troubled teen girls heal and prosper.

Havenwood Academy may be the ideal place for troubled teenage girls to get the help they need. South Carolina parents can call 1-877-830-7012 to speak to a representative.

How is Havenwood Academy the Best?

South Carolina teen girls that need professional help in a safe and secure environment won’t find that at military schools or boot camps. They need a place where there is family-style living, supportive staff, wonderful activities and consistent counseling. Havenwood Academy has a long history of successful treatments and it is surely going to help for teens from South Carolina with emotional, mental health or behavioral issues to enroll. Parents can do research to find that Havenwood Academy is a fine place for teen girls.

One of the most popular reasons for parents in South Carolina to check out Havenwood is the affordability, especially when compared to similar resident treatment centers. Unlike military programs or boot camp programs, some of the costs of attendance at Havenwood Academy can be taken up by an insurance plan. In other words, certain family insurance programs will cover some of the costs of a teen girl at Havenwood Academy.

Troubled Teenagers in South Carolina and Scary Statistics

When teen girls don’t get help, understanding and therapy for their biggest challenges, they can feel frustrated and alone. Many teens turn to behavior that isn’t healthy. Too much risky behavior can cause the teen harm, or jeopardize her bright future. Parents need to look at the warning signs, as highlighted in these statistics:

  • Only seventy-seven percent of teenagers in South Carolina graduate from high school annually
  • South Carolina suicide ranking: 23rd
  • 30% of high school girls in SC were underage drinking in the last four weeks
  • 35% of female teens in the state have tried marijuana
  • 5% of girls in South Carolina abuse prescription drugs

It’s no wonder that parents grow concerned when their teen daughter is engaging in activities and behavior that is harmful, dangerous or illegal. South Carolina parents should not delay in lining up some professional counseling for their daughters if they see them doing any of these kinds of activities.

Why Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in South Carolina Aren’t a Good Choice

In decades past, South Carolina parents and teachers believed that stronger discipline and tougher punishments was the key to getting problematic children to shape up. Today, the research has shown that a more therapeutic approach is the key to long-lasting success in teen therapy. Military schools and boot camps are not a good choice for teenagers for many reasons.

Here are just a few of the reasons why military schools, boot camps and more are simply not appropriate for teen girls.

  • Those programs don’t have regular therapy sessions, while therapeutic boarding schools use licensed therapists for group and individual sessions.
  • Military schools may not be registered with an accredited academic program, while resident therapy schools are frequently accredited. Resident boarding schools have certified teachers with special training for teens.
  • Boot camps and military schools don’t put recreation and extracurricular events as a priority, if they offer them at all. Therapy boarding schools can have a number of activities, like music, sports and equine therapy programs.
  • Life skills, leadership, and more are all part of a resident treatment program, with a much smaller focus at boot camps and military schools.

It’s true that boot camps and military schools were once a parent’s only option when it came to programs that were designed to help troubled teens. However, with so much progress being made in the areas of therapy, rehabilitation, mental health counseling and more, it’s easy to see why more parents in South Carolina and beyond are choosing therapeutic schools for their teenagers.

Havenwood Academy Is The Best Choice for Troubled Teens in South Carolina

South Carolina parents have so many things to worry about when raining their teenage daughters, but when things are complicated by mental health issues or emotional problems, it’s time to call in the experts. Giving teen girls a chance at a successful future by enrolling them in Havenwood Academy is one of the bravest and hardest things that parents can do. However, it will all be worth it when the teenagers emerge from the school with the tools they need to succeed in adulthood.

Parents of South Carolina teen girls should call 1-877-830-7012 for even more info on how to get the process started at Havenwood.

Teen Girls in these South Carolina Cities May Attend Havenwood Academy:

Mount Pleasant, Charleston, North Charleston, Rock Hill, Greenville, Columbia, Sumter, Summerville, Florence, Spartanburg, Goose Creek and Hilton Head Island.


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