Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Rhode Island

Havenwood Academy has emerged as one of the best teenage therapy school in the country. That’s why it is no surprise that Rhode Island parents are choosing therapy boarding schools over boot camps and military schools. When looking at a military style rehabilitation program, parents simply don’t realize that the program might to more harm than good. Of course, not all schools, staff, facilities and rehabilitation methods are equal and experts agree that resident therapy schools provide the most help.

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Reasons to Select Havenwood Academy

Rhode Island teenagers struggle with all kinds of personal issues, like bipolar, depression, anxiety, abuse trauma or something else. The good news is that there are fine facilities like Havenwood Academy that are dedicated to helping families. Rhode Island parents want to know about all the benefits of sending their teenage daughters to Havenwood Academy, and what they hear makes them very happy indeed. The blend of programs—recreation therapy, academic support, and regular therapy sessions—provides teens with the therapeutic atmosphere they need to start rehabilitation.

Affording resident boarding school is a challenge for most families, but therapy facilities like Havenwood Academy can be billed to a family insurance plan, relieving many of the cost burdens. Every family deserves to keep some of their hard-earned wages in their pocket, yet have the ability to place their teen daughter in a top treatment school. That’s why Havenwood Academy is so great, because it is a fine program with a long history of success.

Rhode Island Teen Behavior Statistics

It’s common for struggling teenagers to engage in risky behavior and causing their futures to be in jeopardy. These behaviors often involve drugs and alcohol, leaving families full of worry for their teenager. If the wrong behaviors start to emerge in their teen, it’s good time to evaluate what kind of treatment would work best.

Just look at what’s going on with Rhode Island teens today:

  • Nearly 1/3 of RI teen girls have taken an alcoholic drink over the last month
  • Binge drinking females comprise approximately 14% of the total teen population
  • A whopping 39% of girls in the state report smoking marijuana
  • High school graduate percentage: 79 percent
  • Rhode Island ranks 45th in the USA in suicide rates

Rhode Island parents are definitely making the right decision when they enroll their troubled teenage girl into a therapeutic boarding school that has the best programs around. Risky behavior isn’t going to benefit anyone, especially a teen girl who is just reaching out for help.

Keeping Teens Away From Boot Camps and Military Schools

The word is spreading that Havenwood Academy would make the perfect place for Rhode Island teens to seek out rehabilitation and healing. Instead of making a true mistake, that is, picking a residential teen school that is a boot camp or military school, parents can choose a boarding school that has a long track record of rehabilitation and recovery.

There are no fast-track healing programs that work—everything takes time to process and then heal. However, military schools and boot camps make false claims about speedy recoveries that only take a few weeks. This is not only misleading but it is false. Parents should avoid all the boot camp programs shout about a full recovery in just a few weeks. Instead, a long-term residential therapy schools ought to be the top choice for struggling teenage girls from Rhode Island.

Here are just a few of the benefits that residential centers and therapy treatment schools provide:

  • Recreational therapy opportunities: Whether it’s art, sports, outdoor therapy, equine therapy, or another kind of program, these kinds of activities enhance leadership, self-esteem and teamwork.
  • Conventional therapy opportunities: Perhaps the most important part of a therapy boarding school is having the girls attend regular therapy. The therapists are experienced and licensed, so they know how to help teen girls overcome challenges.
  • Community living: Teen girls from Rhode Island live with other teens as well as mentors, learning to contribute to the community, from laundry and chores to service.
  • Academic support: Quality teachers manage the school’s small but attentive classes where teens excel in their efforts to get a diploma.

Boot camps and military schools definitely aren’t the solution for worried parents and their teens. There’s no advantage to harsh treatment, tough physical activity a rigorous schedule that such programs provide. Instead, Rhode Island parents should steer clear of them and find a wonderful resident treatment center like Havenwood Academy.

Havenwood Academy Can Help Troubled Teen Girls from Rhode Island

After parents have checked out Havenwood Academy, it’s hard to imagine sending their daughters anywhere else. Any teen that is constantly in trouble at school and at home will not get over the bad behavior alone. They need the skills and services of Havenwood Academy. While taking action is very difficult for parents, they may feel better about their daughters going to at a place like Havenwood Academy. Parents receive a true peace of mind for their daughter’s health and well-being.

Rhode Island parents should contact a representative for Havenwood Academy when they call 1-877-830-7012.

Havenwood Academy Welcomes Teens From These Rhode Island Cities:

Providence, Cranston, Pawtucket, Woonsocket, Cumberland, Warwick, East Providence, North Providence and Johnston.


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