Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Oklahoma

Every Oklahoma parent wants their daughters to be strong and resourceful enough to be a success in the adult world. However, when teen girls are struggling with mental health issues or emotional trauma, it can be difficult to even get them through high school. Often, parents turn to military schools and boot camps believing that a little discipline is what their daughters need. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. A therapeutic boarding school has more to offer Oklahoma teen girls with troubles than any kind of military program.

Havenwood Academy is one of the top boarding school programs around and would be happy to answer Oklahoma parent questions when they call 1-877-830-7012.

Why Havenwood Academy?

Havenwood takes troubled Oklahoma teens and places them in a safe and secure program where they can feel supported. Away from negative friends, frustrated teachers and worried parents, these teenagers begin to discover what they are capable of. Guided by trained staff members, troubled Oklahoma girls learn what a successful transition to a healthy lifestyle looks like. Havenwood Academy can really transform teens into contributing members of society.

Another great thing about Havenwood Academy is that it can be considerably less expensive than some other resident therapy programs. That’s because Oklahoma parents can use their family insurance plans to cover some of the costs. Boot camps and military schools for girls in Oklahoma can’t do that. Finances can stress family relations even more, but with Havenwood Academy, there’s flexibility so that Oklahoma parents can make the best choice for their family.

A Look at Troubled Teen Statistics from Oklahoma

Troubled teens in Oklahoma are engaging in all kinds of risky behavior and it is making parents and community leaders very worried. When teens have no professional help in sorting out their feelings and getting therapy for their bad behavior, they tend to act out and do things that hurt themselves and others.

Parents in Oklahoma should definitely pay attention to these numbers:

  • 12 percent of teen girls in the state had drinks before turning 13
  • 27 percent of girls have had alcohol in the last 30 days
  • 29 percent of Oklahoma teenage girls tried marijuana
  • Only 84 percent of teenagers actually graduate from Oklahoma high schools
  • Oklahoma ranks 9th in the nation for suicide

There are many behaviors that should raise a red flag for parents who are wondering if their teenager is feeling lost and frustrated about their mental health condition. Once parents start to see a pattern emerge and the bad behaviors threaten home life, school life and more, it’s time to take action and get some professional help from a boarding school.

Boarding Schools Are Better Than Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Oklahoma

Therapeutic boarding schools are extremely beneficial to struggling teenagers in Oklahoma and across the country. They are going to find the best way to help kids who need professional therapy and a safe and secure place to heal and rehabilitate. There are plenty of reasons why teens need to get away from school, home and negative friends and get to a place where they can figure out what is going on emotionally and so forth. Knowledgeable staff members guide teens through a number of activities and treatments so they can begin to heal.

A resident therapy school is always going to be better than boot camps or military schools because of the approach to treatment methods and the training that staff members have. Military-style programs are going to focus a lot on getting teens to conform their behavior and not address the real problems causing the frustration. Boot camps will also rely on heavy physical activity, military style treatment and even depriving some teens of luxuries.

By contrast, a therapeutic boarding school offers the following benefits to struggling Oklahoma teens:

  • Regular therapy sessions with a licensed therapist, for both individual and group sessions.
  • Certified teachers with special education training to conduct classes.
  • Accredited academic programs that motivate students to reach grade level and beyond.
  • Recreation therapy is a big part of recovery and healing, so activities like equine therapy, outdoor activities and sports help teens.
  • Dorm or family style living conditions allow teens to contribute to their community, participate in chores and bond with mentors and peers in a positive way.
  • Life skills courses and seminars give teen girls a chance to learn the skills they will need to transition to adulthood.

There are so many good reasons to avoid the para-military structure of boot camps and similar programs. The experts agree that resident boarding schools provide the best long-term recovery and healing for teens that need it. Oklahoma families will experience the healing and hope they’ve been craving, and the teen girls will be able to work toward the future they desire and deserve.

Choose Havenwood Academy Over Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Oklahoma

Oklahoma parents deserve to be educated on exactly what kinds of programs are included in military programs and boot camp-style teen help organizations. Once they learn all they can, they immediately see the advantage of enrolling their daughters in a place like Havenwood Academy. Trained staff, secure location, top programs and a dedication to helping girls heal, Havenwood Academy is the ideal place for Oklahoma teen girls to become their best selves.

It’s not too late to pick up the phone and talk to a Havenwood Academy representative at 1-877-830-7012.

Oklahoma Cities Where Teen Girls Can Get Help From Havenwood Academy

Tulsa, Norman, Oklahoma City, Norman, Broken Arrow, Lawton, Moore, Midwest City, Edmond, Enid, Stillwater, Muskogee, Bartlesville, Owasso and more.


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