Boots Camps And Military Schools for Girls In Ohio

What is it about struggling teenagers that makes it hard for them to accept help from parents, teachers and other well-meaning adults. While many Ohio parents and teens simply don’t see eye to eye, when a teenager starts to behave badly, struggle in school and make choices that can permanently affect her future, it may be time for a professional to intervene approach. Many parents first look at boot camps and military schools for girls in Ohio, but there are actually better programs with long-term success. These are known as therapeutic boarding schools and they are highly recommended by experts in adolescent rehabilitation.

Havenwood Academy, a fine boarding school, is much better from teenage girls than boot camps and military schools for girls in Ohio. Please contact us for more information here: 1-877-830-7012.

Why Choose Havenwood Academy?

If parents in Ohio simply cannot bear to see their teenager suffer through emotional or mental illness problems, they should look at the program at Havenwood Academy as an alternative to boot camps and military schools in Ohio. Havenwood Academy ranks highly as an affordable, long-term care program with the highest standards around. Because of our located, Havenwood Academy, like all teen help programs here, are subject to the state’s laws which are the best regulatory laws in the nation for teen help programs. Parents in Ohio can feel confident that their daughter is getting the best care possible.

Another reason that Ohio parents choose Havenwood Academy is that it is such an affordable option. Many boot camps, military schools, residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are extremely costly and even parents who want the best for their children ultimately can’t afford these options. However, Havenwood Academy is very affordable because we can bill many or most of our services to a family insurance plan. This makes it very affordable to send a teenage girl for a boarding school experience. These are just a few of the reasons why Ohio parents should check out Havenwood Academy for their teenage daughters.

What Will Troubled Girls In Ohio Face Without Therapeutic Boarding Schools?

Some teens choose to participate in troublesome activities that can really affect their home life and school attendance, plus also get them in trouble in the community. No parents want to see their teenage daughter make serious mistakes when there are outstanding options available. Without the help of a trained counselor or professional therapist, teenage girls in Ohio might really get into some bad situations that will get harder and harder to leave behind.

Ohio youth with serious behavior issues contribute to numbers such as these:

  • In Ohio, 18% of teen girls drank ahead of their 13th birthday.
  • 23% of teen females in the state report binge drinking in the last 30 days.
  • 34% of Ohio teenagers (girls) have tried marijuana.
  • For high school graduation, 82% of Ohio teens achieve it annually.
  • Ohio ranks 39th for teen suicides across the nation.

Teens who need long-term help should avoid becoming a statistic like this and enrolling in a therapeutic boarding school. Thanks to the total immersion into a supportive and safe atmosphere with qualified experts who know how to guide and help kids, troubled teen girls can get the chance to start over and find the inspiration to change for the better. Havenwood Academy is a fine therapeutic school with lots of advantages over boot camps and military schools for girls in Ohio.

Avoid Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Ohio Because Boarding Schools are Better

Therapeutic boarding facilities are among the top programs in the country when it comes to helping teens with mental health struggles, emotional distress and behavioral problems. There are plenty of reasons why boot camps and military schools for girls in Ohio are just not the best place for them. Besides the short duration of the program, most of them don’t have all the different facets of a whole healing program like a boarding school does.

Investigate just a few of the benefits that a boarding schools has over boot camps and military schools:

  • Boot camps and military schools aren’t really equipped to handle mental health issues like ADD/ADHD, depression, bipolar, anxiety, abuse trauma and more. A therapeutic boarding school has qualified staffers on hand who are trained in numerous situations with teens.
  • Expert counselors who specialize in adolescent mental health provide both group sessions and individual sessions to overcome any and all obstacles.
  • Boarding schools have the word “school” in the description for a reason. These programs include an academic emphasis where certified teachers come in and work with students to fix credits, pass classes and even get a HS diploma. Those other programs don’t provide this.
  • Outdoor activities are common at boot camps and boarding schools, but the focus differs. While behavior boot camps deal with hard physical exertion, boarding schools provide a place for developing hobbies, getting in touch with nature and building self-esteem.
  • Therapeutic boarding schools often have a variety of extracurricular activities from equine therapy, outdoor recreation, art classes, dance classes, theater classes, music classes, team sports, service and more.
  • Each staff member is trained and certified or licensed to ensure that the operations are done professionally and efficiently.

Every girl needs a second chance to straighten up her life, and at Havenwood Academy, she can do it. Our special facility is exactly what Ohio parents and girls have been looking for, and they are extremely open to making changes from the inside when they are surrounded by caring advisers and positive peers.

Choose Havenwood Academy For Your Troubled Teenager

You can’t wait much longer for your teenage girl’s mental, behavioral, emotional and academic problems to worsen. It only takes one call to Havenwood Academy to get the process started and enroll your daughter in such a fine facility. No boot camp or military schools for girls in Ohio can compare to Havenwood Academy. Combining schoolwork, counseling and fun activities, we create a space where teens can get in touch with their inner selves and make outward changes. Parents who have been waiting and worrying feel the sweet peace once they see their girls starting to change, grow and develop. The safe, healthy atmosphere at Havenwood Academy is ideal for healing whatever is wrong with your teen daughter.

Havenwood Academy helps young women from Ohio and beyond, and if you want to learn more information, please call us at 1-877-830-7012.

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