Boots Camps And Military Schools for Girls In New York

New York parents like yourself take pride in taking care of yourself and your family. However, when you teenage daughter is diagnosed with a mental illness, or her behavior is increasingly aggressive, harmful or destructive, it can mean that it’s time for you to turn to outside help. When New York teens become a problem in school and at home, and just can’t seem to turn things around, a lot of people recommend boot camps and military schools for girls in New York.

Unfortunately, these programs don’t provide that lasting change that parents and their daughters are seeking. A therapeutic boarding school—a facility that houses troubled teens and gives them support and guidance in a positive way—can be the answer to all your teen’s challenges. Havenwood Academy is a boarding school with a special emphasis on therapy and academics.

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Why Havenwood Academy?

We get that question a lot—why is Havenwood Academy better than boot camps and military schools for girls in New York. There are many reasons why parents from all over the US choose us to help their children heal and plan for the future. Our goal of helping teens is second to none and we hire all the best staff members to get the job done. While boot camps and military schools just look at a teen’s behavior, we try to find out what’s causing that behavior, treat it and then guide the girls to a place where they actually want to make changes in their lives.

Havenwood Academy has a long record of success with lots of satisfied parents and grateful teens who don’t know where they would be if it weren’t for our life-saving program. When parents start the long process of locating a program that will meet their needs, many of them look at boot camps and military schools for girls in New York and don’t consider other options. It doesn’t take long to see the advantages that Havenwood Academy offers over just about any other program, including boot camps and military schools. Parents in New York who don’t feel as if long-term boarding is an option should take the time to investigate our program.

What Kind of Teens Need Therapeutic Boarding Schools?

Teenage girls are faced with all kinds of struggles in the world today, both externally and internally. With mental health issues often the source of bad behavior, teens really need to spend time with a counselor who has training in dealing with adolescents. When teen girls don’t get that kind of involvement from a knowledgeable adult, they can turn from bad to worse.

Many New York teens are having behavior problems, as evidenced by these statistics:

  • Nearly 17 percent of New York teens (girls) have partaken of alcohol before their 13th birthday.
  • Over the past month, 40 percent of teen girls in New York admit to drinking alcohol.
  • At least 10 percent of adolescent girls in the state admit they have sniffed inhalants to get high.
  • With a 76 percent graduation rate, New York high schools have work to do.
  • New York ranks 50th of all the states for teen suicides.

When teens are struggling just to stay afloat in the waters of bad decisions, mental illness, negative friends and frustrated teachers and parents, it’s time to get them the help they need to find the will to move forward. As a caring parent, it’s never too late to start investigating all the options when it comes to boarding schools in the country.

Of course you can see that Havenwood Academy will definitely be able to help teens from New York and all over the country. Whenever teenage girls are in these situations and really can’t overcome their challenges alone, you’ll feel better knowing that we have the experience and desire to help. No boot camps or boarding schools for girls in New York can match what Havenwood Academy offers.

Benefits of Our School Over Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in New York

Teenage girls of all backgrounds and conditions can benefit from a therapeutic program at an accredited school. What parents don’t know is that boot camps and military schools for girls in New York lack all the components that make up a fine and effective program. While those other programs rely on lots of physical activity, obedience to authority and more, therapeutic boarding schools really spend time and effort on these components:

  • Accredited: When the boarding school is accredited, the students can earn credits that go toward their high school diploma.
  • Academic help: Certified teachers really work tirelessly with students so they understand subjects at their grade level and also so they can learn at the level of their peers.
  • Graduation: Many boarding schools offer a high school diploma for students.
  • Therapy: Teens with deep issues will benefit from daily sessions with experienced adolescent counselors and they will also participate in group sessions.
  • Recreational therapy: Whether it is equine therapy, outdoor recreational therapy, music therapy, art therapy or something similar, teen girls get the chance to boost their self-esteem, learn new hobbies and skills and see what life has to offer.

To ensure that your teenage daughter is not missing out on a chance to regain all that she is in danger of losing, you need to find the best therapeutic boarding schools for her needs. Make sure that the program you select has all the components listed here. Most boot camps and military schools for girls in New York will not include all these features. Therapetuic programs like Havenwood Academy offer numerous ways for her to internalize the need for change, own her own recovery and start down the path toward recovery. At Havenwood Academy, we believe that every troubled young woman deserves the chance to get better and emerge from the process as her best self. If you want more information, begin by calling us today at 1-877-830-7012.

Havenwood Academy Helps Troubled Teen Girls in These New York Cities:

New York, Poughkeepsie, Buffalo, Hicksville, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Schenectady, Brentwood, Utica, Tonawanda, Elmira, Huntington Station, Hempstead, Niagara Falls, White Plains, Levittown, Irondequoit, Jamestown, Troy, Binghamton, West Seneca, Franklin Square Freeport, West Babylon, East Meadow, Valley Stream, Commack, Rome, Coram, New City, North Tonawanda, Oceanside, Brighton Long Beach, Elmont, Central Islip, and Ithaca.


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