Boots Camps And Military Schools for Girls In New Mexico

Parents worried that their troubled daughter isn’t getting the intervention she needs at home may have to look a little further afield for help. Residential treatment centers are full time solutions for at risk teens and while there are many throughout New Mexico and the country, not all of them are created equally. For instance, some parents may be tempted to turn to boot camps or military schools since they know that there is an emphasis on discipline and respect, two things that troubled teens struggle with. However, such programs are not the best choice for adolescents that need therapy and a regulated environment in order to heal and move forward. Therapeutic boarding schools focus on fixing the issues that lead to bad behavior, rather than simply trying to curb it.

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Why Pick Havenwood Academy?

Parents in New Mexico may need services for their teen that the state cannot provide. While the idea of sending your teen away for treatment is intimidating, the quality of the experience you are sending them to is ultimately more important than the location. At Havenwood Academy, we offer a facility in scenic and private surroundings that are designed to help troubled girls explore their issues, identify the positive changes they need to make and get the support and therapy they need in a program individualized for them. We strive to provide a home away from home in order to give your daughter comfort and peace as well as you.

Among the therapy solutions we provide is our equine therapy program. Researchers have found that daily interaction with horses is an excellent way to learn respect, responsibility, confidence and nonverbal communication. We are fortunate to be in a location where we can bring the great outdoors into our therapy curriculum and allow it to benefit our students in the healthiest way possible.

Statistics For Teens In New Mexico

Teens exhibiting risky behavior may be dealing with bigger issues that need to be addressed such as anxiety, depression, ADD, bipolar, substance abuse and other mental health issues. Among the issues New Mexico teens face are:

  • The teen pregnancy rate is 64%
  • 15% of teens experiment with drugs
  • 11% abuse marijuana
  • 20% of teens in New Mexico drink alcohol
  • Over 2500 teens arrested for crimes in 2008
  • 63% graduation rate
  • New Mexico is 6th in the nation for suicide

There are plenty of wonderful resources for parents of troubled teenage girls, and therapeutic boarding schools are emerging as some of the best ways for kids to get professional help. New Mexico parents who think that teenage problems will go away on their own are making a big mistake. It’s not too late to call somewhere like Havenwood Academy and get started on rehabilitation.

Choose A More Effective Option For Your Daughter Than The Boot Camps And Military Schools in New Mexico

It is important for concerned parents to do their research when it comes to choosing a destination for their teen. Programs that promise to change your child’s behavior quickly should be avoided as the tactics used often involve intimidation and deprivation. A therapeutic boarding school or a residential treatment center may take a little longer, but their goal is to help your daughter do the work that will lead to long term changes in an environment where she feels safe and supported. At Havenwood Academy, our curriculum is centered around the concept of love, trust and accountability. We believe that these elements are the most important for teens learning how to turn their lives around and discover their potential. Among the other benefits we offer are:

  • Licensed and experienced therapists that individualize each girl’s plan of care.
  • Group therapy that emphasizes positive peer interaction and support.
  • Educational programs that allow teens to continue working toward graduation.
  • Staff trained in adolescent psychology.
  • Multiple therapy options including recreational, art, music as well as regular talk therapy.
  • Girls are encouraged to develop the skills that allow them to balance work and fun.
  • Life skills training for each girl to help them become functional and gain the tools they need to become responsible adults.
  • We are able to accept some insurance plans. Unlike most programs, we have the right accreditation to be able to bill insurance for some or all of your daughter’s stay with us. Getting her quality help doesn’t have to bankrupt you.

Havenwood Academy Can Help Teen Girls From New Mexico Succeed

We know that dealing with a troubled teen can drain you physically and emotionally and our goal is not only to help your daughter get back on track, but also to give you the peace of mind that you need to recover and be ready to continue to advocate for and support your daughter in maintaining her hard work. Avoiding boot camps and military schools in New Mexico is the first step you should take and contacting us is the second. Call us today at 1-877-830-7012 for a free and confidential consultation.

Havenwood Academy Accepts Troubled Teen Girls From New Mexico, Including:

Las Cruces, Clovis, Farmington, Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, Hobbs, Alamogordo, Santa Fe, Deming, Gallup, Sunland Park, Las Vegas, Lovington, Artesia


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

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