Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In New Hampshire

Parents in New Hampshire are always looking for ways to help their troubled teenagers in dealing with any behavioral issues, mental illnesses and overall emotional problems. Finding professional help isn’t easy, and sometimes the only solution to helping and out-of-control teen girl is to place her in a new environment. Unfortunately, many parents go straight to military schools or boot camps for teens, and that is a big mistake. The country has many different types of programs that are therapeutic boarding schools and do a much better job of teen rehabilitation.

Parents in New Hampshire should contact Havenwood Academy at 1-877-830-7012 so they can find out more about this exciting program.

Why Pick Havenwood Academy?

Havenwood Academy is definitely the best place for a struggling teenage girl who suffers from conditions like anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, abuse trauma, and much more. The experienced staff members ensure that the girls receive therapy, academic support and guidance in life skills so they can move past their challenges and transition toward adulthood with confidence and coping skills.

Parents will feel more confidence in Havenwood Academy because it is one of the more affordable options in the country. Because of the intense clinical emphasis, many insurance plans will contribute to the cost of the program. This means less out-of-pocket for families who are seeking the best school out there but have limited resources. Havenwood Academy is definitely the best place for New Hampshire teens to send their troubled daughters.

Statistics of New Hampshire Teen Behaviors

It is hard for parents to understand why teens behave the way they do, but for those who need professional help, there are no substitutions. Many parents wrongly believe that their teen will simply pass through a phase and start behaving better. In reality, issues with behavior and mental illness can’t be overcome without guidance, so many teens start to behave badly in order to cope.

Here are some of the numbers that reflect teen behavior in New Hampshire:

  • Within the last several weeks, more than 31 percent of NH girls have had some alcohol
  • 16 percent of these girls statewide report binge drinking
  • Five percent of Maine teens abuse prescription drugs
  • Just 88 percent of high schoolers actually graduate in the state
  • For suicide ranking across the country, New Hampshire finishes in 14th

When teens are in pain and getting no relief, it’s not a big stretch for them to act in ways that are damaging, harmful and illegal. New Hampshire parents should do everything they can to make sure teenagers are getting the help they need to remain happy and healthy. A therapeutic boarding school is the best direction to go for worried parents.

Don’t Pick Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in New Hampshire

If troubled teenage girls in New Hampshire don’t receive therapy and academic support, they are going to have a hard time overcoming life’s obstacles. Military schools and boot camps don’t provide much of either area, and instead focus on heavy physical activity and conformity rather than treating the root cause of the problems. To avoid unpleasant results, many teens change their behavior temporarily, so it seems like boot camps work. However, their behavior reverts far too frequently after only a short time out of the boot camp. Instead, a resident treatment program is the key to long-lasting health and wellness for teens who struggle in New Hampshire.

Resident boarding schools are far better for teens because they have a lot of features t are implemented for maximum impact in each teen’s life. Regular therapy is a big factor in recovery, and therapy boarding programs make sure that teens get to visit with a licensed therapist regularly, in groups and one-on-one. Without therapy, New Hampshire girls wouldn’t be able to overcome the obstacles holding them back.

After therapy, the focus turns to academics. Teen girls receive lessons from trained teachers via an accredited program and work hard to repair credit, get up to grade level and even earn a diploma. With their education as a priority, teen girls are able to move forward and figure out what they want to do in the future.

There is great value in recreation therapy for troubled teen girls from New Hampshire and resident boarding programs provide the very best. Whether it is music, sports, outdoor adventures, equine therapy or something else, recreation therapy gives teen girls something to focus on and a way for them to find out their true passions and build their self-esteem.

There’s no doubt that troubled New Hampshire girls should attend a therapy boarding program like Havenwood Academy instead of military schools and boot camps. They are certainly going to have the best opportunity for rehabilitation and recovery in a nurturing and supportive program instead of a conformist, military-style program.

Havenwood Academy is Best for New Hampshire Teens

Therapeutic boarding schools are an ideal location for teenage girls who need to get away from their negative friends, frustrated teachers and worried parents. The safe environment of a resident treatment school can help them overcome their issues and get support in academics. Havenwood Academy will always be a better alternative than a boot camp or a military school. No New Hampshire parent should have to watch their teen daughter spiral down, and that’s why Havenwood Academy is the right choice.

New Hampshire parents can definitely learn more about Havenwood Academy when they call 1-877-830-7012

Many of these New Hampshire Cities Send Teens to Havenwood Academy

Nashua, Manchester, Concord, Derry, Rochester, Dover, Salem, Londonderry, Hudson, Merrimack, Bedford, Keene, Salem, and Portsmouth.


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