Boots Camps And Military Schools for Girls In Montana

Montana parents may be making a big mistake when they make plans to enroll their troubled teen daughters into boot camps or military schools. These programs are not only outdated and largely unregulated, they don’t have a lot of evidence to show that they really do make a difference in the healing and treatment of adolescent behavior. A therapeutic boarding school is a much better option, because such programs are designed to promote healing, rather than curb behavior.

Call us now at Havenwood Academy (1-877-830-7012) to see why we are a better solution than boot camps and military schools in Montana.

Is Havenwood Academy The Best Choice?

Havenwood Academy is an ideal location for troubled teen girls that need help learning how to overcome the challenges and issues that are threatening their mental, physical and/or emotional health. We have a qualified and experienced staff that understands the best way to treat adolescents and has many years of experience doing so. In our secure, safe and loving environment, troubled girls can change their outlook on life now and in the future.

Among the programs Havenwood Academy offers is our equine therapy curriculum. Working with horses has been proven to help troubled teens with skills that translate to their everyday lives, like responsibility, listening, communication and emotional control. We take pride in offering programs such as this in order to give each student their best chance for recovery.

Statistics For Troubled Teens in Montana

At risk behavior can easily result in behaviors or consequences that could impact your teen’s future significantly. Mental illness, depression, abuse trauma, anxiety, ODD, ADHD, substance abuse and emotional disorders may require the help of a professional to overcome or cope with. Parents in Montana must learn to recognize the warning signs. Among the statistics for the state are:

  • Twenty-one percent of teens in Montana drink alcohol
  • Ten percent tried marijuana at least one time
  • Only eighty-two percent of all MT teens graduate
  • 2200 teens were arrested in 2008
  • Montana ranks 5th for suicide

Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers are emerging as some of the most effective ways for teens to turn their lives around. While some parents might assume that a military type program is ideal because of the structure and rules, it is important to choose an option that will address the therapeutic needs of their child. Without healing the source of the problem, most teen girls are doomed to repeat their choices and mistakes. Havenwood Academy is here to help you give your teen her best chance to move forward and gain the tools she needs to handle her future issues.

Avoid the Military Schools and Boot Camps in Montana for a More Effective Option

If full time residential treatment is the next step for your daughter, parents must do their research to ensure that the facility they choose is going to match the unique needs of their child. Most programs promise results, but please remember that healing is not something that happens overnight. Any facility that promises fast results is suspicious. One of the benefits of full time care is that your daughter will be surrounded in an environment that promises support and keeps her from the temptations and triggers that may be impeding her progress at home. At Havenwood Academy, we have crafted a curriculum that takes the needs and learning style of teens into account. Among the benefits we offer are:

  • Licensed therapists and staff that are consistently on hand to give each teen the individual attention she needs to move forward.
  • Group therapy sessions where girls can learn to communicate, support each other and gain from the experiences of their peers.
  • Accredited education programs that lead teens toward graduation.
  • A variety of therapy options like recreation, equine, art and music in order to give each teen experience in new things and better reach her on a personal level.
  • Life skills experience, such as meal prep, laundry and budgeting to give students real world skills.
  • We are able to accept some insurance plans to pay for or offset the cost of the program. This is rare as most facilities don’t have medical accreditation.

Troubled girls in Montana will receive the best treatment and rehabilitation at a therapeutic boarding school, as opposed to a boot camp or military program. At Havenwood Academy, we are dedicated to offering each student the best care based on a model of love, trust and accountability. It is our goal to see your daughter become the exceptional young woman you know she really is.

Teen Girls From Montana Should Attend Havenwood Academy

We know that you have been struggling to do the best for your daughter and are likely feeling discouraged. We want you to know that because some teens need a program like ours in order to truly heal, finding a facility that gives them confidence can actually be the best thing they can do for their child. We believe each girl is capable of change as long as she has the right help and we can put her on that road. Call us today at Havenwood Academy for a consultation. 1-877-830-7012.

Havenwood Academy Accepts Girls From Throughout Montana, Including:

Billings, Kalispell, Havre, Missoula, Bozeman, Great Falls, Anaconda, Butte, Miles, Lewistown, Sidney, Glendive, Columbia Falls, Polson, Belgrade, Miles City, Whitefish


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

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