Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Minnesota

Minnesota teen girls are in for a lot of pain, frustration and stress when they don’t get therapy and counseling for their mental health issues. Parents of such teenagers may be inclined to look the other way, hoping that their bad behavior and general struggles are just a phase.

However, the longer that Minnesota adolescent girls are allowed to follow their own destructive path, the harder it will be to help them correct the course they are on. Many parents feel the urge to try boot camps and military schools for girls in Minnesota, but they really shouldn’t. Therapeutic schools are definitely a superior type of program.

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Why Havenwood Academy?

Our school is Havenwood Academy, a therapeutic boarding school with a long history of success in treating teenagers from across the country. From ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar, substance abuse, ODD, and more, teenage mental illness and health issues are just too much for them to overcome themselves. Havenwood Academy emerges as the right place for many Minnesota teenagers to come together and work with professionals to arrive in a happier, healthier place.

When it comes to affordability, few teen help programs are as accommodating as Havenwood Academy. Boot and military programs for girls living in Minnesota won’t qualify for family insurance like Havenwood Academy does. Parents of troubled teenage girls will find that their financial burden is eased a bit when their insurance plan picks up some of the therapy and other expenses. Havenwood Academy is the all-around best program for teenage girls.

Struggling Teens and Startling Minnesota Statistics

It’s not unusual for teens to experiment with reckless behavior, but there’s a difference between typical adolescent rebellion and a cry for help. Parents need to recognize when their daughters are seeking attention in order for them to get help. These Minnesota statistics are some of the most startling, and should provide a nice wake-up call for those who are thus far ignoring their children’s needs.

Some shocking Minnesota statistics:

  • 35 percent of adolescent girls in America have enjoyed alcohol spanning the last thirty days
  • 20 percent of drinking teenagers in the US of A are binge drinkers
  • 39 percent of teenage girls in the country have used marijuana recreationally
  • Only 79 percent of teen boys and girls in Minnesota graduate
  • Ranking 41st in the country for suicides es is the state of Minnesota

While there are many challenges in a teenage girl’s life, there are also solutions if parents can only recognize what’s going on. When teen girls in Minnesota are doing things that can have a profound effect on their future, parents must step in and arrange for a resident treatment program specially designed for teens. Havenwood Academy is a program that fulfills all those requirements.

What’s Better Than These Camps and Schools for Girls in Minnesota?

Camps and schools for teenagers in Minnesota are simply not appropriate for teens with mental health issues. Residential boarding schools and therapy treatment centers operate on a much different level than the harsh, physical regime of those other programs.

Here are several things that teens and parents can expect from a therapy resident school:

  • Family-style living quarters, with caring mentors and assigned chores for everyone.
  • Licensed therapists hold many regular sessions with each teen, and encourage them to participate in group sessions as well.
  • Academics are addressed by certified teachers with special education training to help teen girls repair class credit and earn more toward graduation.
  • Life skills programs are important for teens to transition to adulthood and they include everything from budgets, laundry and cooking, to teamwork and leadership.
  • Recreation therapy and equine therapy are unique programs designed to help kids learn to better communicate, earn trust and have fun.

There’s just so much for teen girls to do, from learning about themselves to learning from others in the program. There’s no time like the present when it comes to enrolling Minnesota teen girls to really get their healing and recovery underway. There’s so much for teens to learn about themselves and the world around them—that’s why a resident therapy school is the best choice for them.

Never Pick Bootcamps and Military Schools for Girls in Minnesota

There are far too many damaging effects on teens from harsh camps and tough military schools. Instead of choosing the first program out there, or picking something that will have a negative effect on their self-esteem and healing, pick a therapeutic boarding center like Havenwood Academy. There are far more benefits for teen girls to attend a resident treatment facility than to go to boot camps or military schools. Havenwood Academy will deliver on what it promises.

For details on the therapeutic boarding schools, like Havenwood Academy, please dial 1-877-830-7012 for all the information to make a good decision.

Minnesota Has Cities With Teens That Will Benefit from Havenwood Academy:

St. Cloud, Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Bloomington, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Woodbury, Brooklyn Park, Eden Prairie, Coon Rapids, Apple Valley, Minnetonka, St. Louis Park, Lakeville, Burnsville and Blaine.


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