Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Massachusetts

When Massachusetts teen girls are struggling at home and at school, worried parents may not know where to turn for help. Often, these parents are easily swayed by ads for boot camps and military schools for girls in Massachusetts that promise to take troubled teens and transform them into well-behaved kids. But military schools and boot camps are not the solution to today’s modern teen girl issues. Therapeutic boarding schools are a much better choice for Massachusetts teen girls.

Havenwood Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment where Massachusetts girls can get a new start in life. Parents that want more information should call 1-877-830-7012 right away.

Why Decide Havenwood Academy?

Watching a daughter struggle with emotional distress, troubling behavior and mental illness issues can be difficult for parents that just want the best for their child. Havenwood Academy may be the ideal place for teen girls to get professional help with therapy and schoolwork. The staff at Havenwood Academy are specially trained to deal with adolescent issues, and will guide teen girls through the healing process.

Havenwood Academy also offers a unique living experience for Massachusetts girls that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. There are all kinds of activities that will help teen girls with rehabilitation and recovery, maybe like equine therapy, outdoor recreation and life skills lessons, as well as regular therapy and academic support. All in all, there’s no better place for girls than Havenwood Academy. There’s certainly no reason to send them to boot camps or those military schools for teens in Massachusetts.

Statistics on Struggling Teens in Massachusetts

Teenagers for the most part don’t know how to manage their frustrations, fears and behavior issues without professional help. When they aren’t getting proper therapy, they often turn to behavior that is troubling or even illegal. Bad behavior in teens is a red flag to parents that perhaps something more needs to be done to help them get back on the right path.

These Massachusetts teen statistics are just an example of things that teens do to hide from their problems:

  • Thirty seven percent of Massachusetts teen girls have taken alcohol in the last four weeks
  • 18 percent of teenaged girls in the state say they binge drink
  • 5 percent of MA teens abused some prescription drugs regularly
  • Only 85% of teen high schoolers in the state actually graduate
  • Massachusetts ranks 49th in the nation for suicides.

It’s easy to see that there are plenty of troubled teens in the state that need real help. Sending them to boot camps and programs like military schools for girls in Massachusetts isn’t the right way to deal with emotional and behavior issues. Therapeutic boarding schools like Havenwood Academy are the best places for teens to work out their issues and really get their issues resolved.

Avoiding Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Massachusetts

It’s a mistake to think that boot camps and military schools in Massachusetts are the only alternatives for worried parents. Therapeutic boarding schools are designed to promote whole healing, plus academic support and outdoor and recreation therapy. Boot camps and military schools generally operate under an antiquated belief that strong authority and an abundance of physical activity can scare kids into behaving better.

These are just some of the different reasons why therapeutic boarding schools are a better choice than boot camps and military schools for girls in Massachusetts.

  • Experienced and licensed therapists help teen girls figure out their mental health issues and then work toward discovering coping mechanisms to handle life’s challenges.
  • Certified teachers work with teen girls to catch up academically and even work toward earning that diploma.
  • Equine therapy, recreation therapy and more give teens the opportunity to build self-esteem, develop their talents, and have fun.
  • Extracurricular activities enhance the teen’s academic life, with sports, art, music, and more.
  • Lifestyle skills are important to learn in transitioning from teen to adult, so girls learn everything from doing laundry and making a budget to cooking, leadership, driving and teamwork.

Parents need to look beyond boot camps and military schools for girls in Massachusetts and turn their attention to boarding schools with a high success rate and a fine reputation. There’s no substitute for professional guidance from a therapy school like Havenwood Academy. Massachusetts parents won’t find a better place for their troubled teenage girls.

Pick Havenwood Academy Over Those Boot Camps/Military Schools for Girls in Massachusetts

Every parent wants their teen girls to thrive, but when they are struggling, it’s easy to grasp at the first thing that promises a recovery. Unfortunately, studies show that boot camps and military schools for girls in Massachusetts are not as effective as resident therapy schools like Havenwood Academy in getting teens back on track.

Representatives at Havenwood Academy are standing by to answer questions, so call 1-877-830-7012 immediately.

Teenage Girls From All Kinds of Cities in Massachusetts Are Welcome to Havenwood Academy:

Boston, Springfield, Worcester, Cambridge, Brockton, New Bedford, Quincy, Lynn, Lawrence, Newton, Lowell and Haverhill.


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