Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Maryland

Are you a Maryland parent with a troubled teenage daughter? It’s definitely scary as a parent to see your daughter engaging in risky behavior that can harm her future. When she is getting in trouble at school and you are having a hard time keeping her safe at home, it may be time to look into residential therapy programs. However, stay away from boot camps and military schools for girls in Maryland. There are much better programs out there that focus on health and healing.

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Selecting Havenwood Academy

Of course there are plenty of teen help programs out there, but Havenwood Academy delivers a unique resident experience for Maryland girls with mental health and emotional challenges. One of the best reasons to enroll your daughter at Havenwood Academy is that it provides physical and mental healing in the form of equine therapy, recreation therapy, academic help and regular therapy sessions. Havenwood Academy has experienced and caring staff members to guide the girls toward success.

Another reason why you should consider Havenwood Academy can be because the school is much more cost-effective than some of the other programs, especially military programs and wilderness or boot camps. The therapeutic boarding school qualifies for many family-type insurance plans, so it is much more affordable when some of those costs are born by insurance. Havenwood Academy certainly is all about delivering the biggest impact for the most affordable rates.

Statistics Show Maryland Teen Troubles

It’s heartbreaking to hear about teen girls from Maryland experiencing problems, especially ones that involve harming themselves or others or breaking the law. Maryland parents should not ignore any of the red flags that may arise in their daughter’s behavior. Saying that she is just in a phase is the worst thing to do, because often bad behavior is a cry for help.

Take a look at some Maryland teen statistics:

  • 33% of MD teen girls have consumed alcohol covering the most recent month
  • 34% of teenaged girls in the state have experimented with marijuana
  • 17% of female teens in Maryland started drinking before turning age 13
  • Only 85% of Maryland high schoolers ever actually graduate
  • Maryland ranks 46th in the United States for suicides

Teenagers cannot overcome their mental health issues alone. Without professional help in a supportive and structured environment, they will continue to handle their issues in the only way they know how. Finding a therapeutic school is the best way for Maryland teenagers to really get to the root of their issues and start making plans to overcome them.

How Boarding Schools Beat Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Maryland

Teenage girls in Maryland have plenty of issues that they need assistance in overcoming. From ADD/ADHD and depression to anxiety, low self-esteem, abuse trauma, bipolar, and more, these problems are no match for compassionate and experienced staff members at a reputable resident therapy school.

There are three components of a good therapeutic resident school—academics, therapy and social.

Academic: A good program will have certified teachers that work with the girls to figure out their learning issues and then help them get to grade level. Once there, the teachers help repair credit, complete classes toward graduation, and put them on the path to earning that diploma. When traditional schools simply aren’t enough for Maryland teen girls, look toward a resident therapy school.

Therapy: Few mental health and emotional issues can be figured out alone, so a licensed therapist is essential for helping troubled girls from Maryland. Whether in group sessions or in individual meetings, therapists work with teens from across the country to identify mental health issues and then develop coping skills and more to manage them.

Social: Teens are given the opportunity to become part of a group and contribute positively to the society at the school. Learning responsibility, sharing work duties, getting opportunities to experience teamwork and leadership—all this and more are part of teaching teen girls to transition from adolescence to adulthood.

When Maryland teenagers have more than enough support and are living in a place where their bad friends and other negative influences are no longer a part of their lives, they can begin the long and hard road toward becoming the person they really want to be. Military programs, wilderness camps and boot camps in Maryland simply cannot compare. Therapeutic schools can be the gateway to this new and improved life for them.

Don’t Choose Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Maryland

All in all, parents in Maryland don’t want to see their daughters struggle for their teen years, and that’s why it is important to line up some help for them while it’s early. A residential therapy school like Havenwood Academy will be a very positive thing in every Maryland girl’s life. There’s so much for teens to get excited about at Havenwood Academy, so parents should definitely start the process right away.

Call 1-877-830-7012 to receive more information concerning Havenwood Academy and see how we can transform your troubled teenager into a healthy and happy young adult.

Maryland Cities With Troubled Teens That Need Havenwood Academy:

Frederick, Baltimore, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Hagerstown, Annapolis, College Park, Bowie, Salisbury, Laurel, Greenbelt, Hyattsville, Westminster and Cumberland.


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