Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Maine

Maine parents always desire the best possible lives for their teenage daughters, like graduating from school, finding wonderful friends, making wise decisions and staying safe. However, some Maine girls face mental health or behavioral issues that cloud their future and send them down a path with very negative consequences. When teen girls in Maine are making bad decisions and engaging in risky behavior, they could be suffering from mental health challenges or emotional trauma. There are lots of Maine parents might be tempted to use a military school or boot camp program to force their daughters to behave but that’s the wrong choice. For effective healing, therapeutic boarding schools are the right choice. .

Maine parents can contact Havenwood Academy at 1-877-830-7012 to ask their questions about therapeutic boarding schools.

Why is Havenwood Academy a Better Choice?

Havenwood Academy is an oasis during a teen’s troubled times, and Maine parents are doing the right thing when they enroll their struggling child. Havenwood provides safety, structure and support so that teens can get the therapy, academics and life skills they need to thrive. Every mental health issue will be addressed and teens work with staff members to overcome them. Resident boarding schools are among the top treatment programs that are able to motivate teenagers to make life changes and focus on their futures. Havenwood Academy wants to be a part of every teen’s treatment and rehabilitation.

Havenwood Academy provides a true comprehensive experience that goes beyond just therapy and just school. Mentors help teens learn life skills so they can succeed in society, and recreation therapy ensure that teens not only learn to have fun and develop hobbies, but how to make friends, work on a team and perfect leadership and communication skills. At Havenwood Academy, Maine teenagers will learn more about themselves, boost their self-esteem, and develop self-worth. All these experiences open the door to a brighter future. Havenwood Academy can make it happen.

Statistics on Risky Behavior in Maine Teenagers

There are lots of different types of teen help programs in the country, but before Maine parents commit their child to attend one, it’s a good idea to see what is motivating them. When teenagers don’t get regular therapy and they are pulling away from parents, teachers and others who might help, they often get into trouble with drugs, alcohol and illegal actions. Parents ought to keep on the lookout for risky behavior in their teen.

Here are just a few Maine statistics on teenagers that should make parents very nervous:

  • 14 percent of high schoolers here drank before 13 years old
  • 26 percent of Maine female teens had a drink over the last month
  • 36 percent of girls in the state have used marijuana in the past
  • Maine’s high school grad rate is 86%
  • At 21st in the nation, Maine’s suicide ranking is something to worry about

Maine teenage girls usually participate in reckless behavior when they want to mask fear and frustration. Maine parents that notice these types of behaviors in their daughters should become worried and take steps to help them out. Therapeutic boarding schools are a fine option for parents to use and it will help their teen daughters feel better about how to handle life’s challenges. Havenwood Academy is standing by to welcome Maine teen girls in trouble.

Stay Away From Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Maine

Teenage kids are unable to conquer their mental illness conditions by themselves, whether it’s ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, abuse trauma, or something else. Instead, they must have access to a stable, safe and structured place where experienced mentors can lead them through the trauma toward a better place. Therapy, academics and more are considered one of the most effective methods to give troubled teenage girls from Maine the greatest chance to transition from adolescence to adulthood with the skills they need to overcome any challenges.

Boot/military programs are simply not enough. Instead, the false military atmosphere focuses on making the teens conform, instead of curing their problems that trigger the behavior. The only real way for teenage girls in Maine to overcome their bad behavior is to tackle the roots of mental health issues.

Parents in Maine often find the decisions are easier to make once they learn more about resident boarding schools and why they are better than boot camps.

  1. Accredited academic programs provide top support for teens to get their diploma.
  2. Licensed and experienced teachers and tutors use their specialized education skills to help struggling teens.
  3. Experienced therapists help teens with mental illnesses and focus on identifying issues and overcoming them via individual and group sessions.
  4. Fun and challenging recreation therapy activities like service, equine therapy, adventure and outdoor challenges, sports, art, drama, music and more.
  5. Attentive mentors, qualified staff and dedicated administrators that want to run the best program possible to help teen girls from across the country.
  6. Life skills opportunities are abundant, so teen girls can gain training in practical settings so they can excel.

Far too many Maine teen girls don’t get the therapeutic resident program option and they suffer for it. In order to ensure long-lasting effects, parents need to avoid boot camp programs and look at places like Havenwood Academy. Maine parents will be pleased once they see how successful therapeutic boarding schools are in helping teens turn their lives around.

Havenwood Academy Can Help Maine Teenage Girls

Maine teens are already facing uphill battles with mental health and behavior issues, so adding to that struggle won’t help in the least. Parents should avoid military schools and boot camps and look at resident schools with quality programs in place. Havenwood Academy is a resident program that emphasizes healing from the inside and an overall approach to health and wellness that Maine teens won’t find anywhere else. With a focus on improving both academically and emotionally, Havenwood Academy is the best bet a teen has toward a successful life.

Parents with questions about how Havenwood Academy can help their troubled teen daughters should call 1-877-830-7021 for additional information.

Havenwood Academy Welcomes Teen Girls From All Maine Cities:

Lewiston, Portland, Bangor, South Portland, Auburn, Biddeford, Sanford, Saco, Westbrook, Waterville, Augusta, Bath, Brewer, Caribou, and Old Town.


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