Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Indiana

Are you a parent of a troubled teen girl living in Indiana? Are you trying to find a resident treatment program to help her? Don’t make the mistake of sending your daughter to boot camps or military schools in Indiana. Certain kinds of programs won’t have the long-term impact on her health and wellness that a therapeutic boarding school will. Instead, do the research and see why resident therapy schools like Havenwood Academy are far superior in helping teen girls turn their lives around.

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Why Select Havenwood Academy?

Havenwood Academy certainly is the right choice for many parents of struggling teenage girls. There are so many issues that Indiana teens have to deal with nowadays that really affect how they do at home, at school and in the community. From anxiety and depression to substance abuse and abuse trauma, teen girls cannot overcome a lot of their mental health issues on their own. A resident therapy school offers professional counseling, academic support and lots of recreation. Boot camps/military schools for girls in Indiana focus more on making girls behave better rather than treating the underlying issues that cause the behavior. Havenwood Academy is dedicated to healing troubled teen girls from across the country.

Havenwood Academy is also unique in that it offers a number of different programs that work together to create a whole solution to each girl’s individual issues. With caring staff members and a beautiful facility, teen girls can engage in therapy, equine therapy, academics, extracurricular activities, recreation, life skills classes and much more. Havenwood Academy has a successful track record of caring for teen girls with mental health issues, and helping them grow into successful adults.

Troubled Teenagers in Indiana by the Numbers

When teenagers aren’t getting professional therapy they need to heal from their issues, they attempt to treat themselves by engaging in reckless behavior. They may turn to alcohol and drugs to mask their pain, and they may participate in antisocial activities to distract themselves from their real problems.

Parents in Indiana should definitely pay attention to the warning signs in troubled teen behavior.

  • 7% of Indiana teens abuse prescription drugs
  • 35% of American teen girls say they have partaken of alcohol within the previous thirty days
  • 10% of teenage females in the USA have gotten high off inhalants
  • Only 87% of Indiana teens graduate from high school
  • Indiana ranks 26th in the nation for suicide

This is why so many parents are turning to residential therapy programs to help their troubled teenagers get better. There’s no reason to delay in enrolling a teenage girl who is struggling, because the longer the wait, the more severe the consequences of bad behavior can be. A therapeutic boarding school is often the teen’s best chance at a successful and happy life.

What is Better Than Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Indiana

From anxiety and substance abuse to low self-esteem and depression, there are plenty of mental health issues that teenage girls have to deal with in the 21st century. Indiana parents must do their research to find the best program for their daughters, and boot camps and military schools for girls in Indiana. When comparing behavior modification programs with resident therapy programs, the differences are astonishing.

For example:

  • Boot camps/military schools most likely don’t have a therapeutic element to them. In other words, teens don’t get frequent therapy from licensed counselors as they do in a resident treatment program.
  • The boot camps are structured around lots of physical exercise and exertion, while therapy schools are well-rounded with programs that stimulate the mind, body and spirit.
  • Military schools are generally run with extremely strict rules and regulations designed to get teens to conform, while therapeutic schools are structured for maximum communication and growth.
  • Boot camps/military schools don’t focus on recreation and developing self-esteem like a therapy boarding school would.
  • Only resident therapy programs focus on teaching life skills to help teens transition to adult life.

No matter what kind of residential therapy school that parents choose, it’s always going to be a better fit than boot camps or those military schools in Indiana. Getting to the heart of the problems within a teenager’s heart and mind is always going to be more effective and have more long-term benefits that merely pressuring them to behave so they don’t get in trouble. Havenwood Academy is the right place for struggling teenage girls in Indiana and across the country.

Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls Are No Match for Havenwood Academy

Of course parents want the best for their daughters, especially any time they are facing an uphill battle emotionally, behaviorally and physically. Enrolling girls from Indiana into Havenwood Academy is the right thing to do and the results will bring such relief and happiness to both girls and parents. Havenwood Academy is a one-of-a-kind therapeutic boarding school and experienced staff members are waiting to welcome troubled girls with open arms.

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Teen Girls Hailing From Most Indiana Cities are Welcome at Havenwood Academy

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