Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Idaho

Doesn’t every worried Idaho parent wish their struggling teens could leave negative behavior behind and work toward success in work, school and at home? There are many Idaho teen girls that struggle with emotional trauma, mental health issues and behavioral problems, and it can make it hard to transition to adulthood. That’s why many Idaho parents make the mistake of enrolling girls in boot camps and military schools for girls in Idaho. However, research shows that these kinds of programs aren’t the best thing for teens.

Idaho parents that want information on how they can best help their teenage daughter should call Havenwood Academy instead at 1-877-830-7012.

Why Havenwood Academy?

A therapeutic boarding school has a lot to offer a troubled teen girl from Idaho and the programs and treatment plans at a place like this are far better than military schools and boot camps. The schools are safe and structured, giving teens the space and guidance they need to figure out what is causing their troubles and then how to remedy them. The negative influence by bad friends is eliminated when the teens are removed from their current environment and enrolled in Havenwood Academy. Here, trusted mentors and other staff members help teens become who they want to be.

Besides being a fine place for teenage girls from Idaho to rehabilitate, Havenwood Academy is a top choice for parents seeking therapeutic boarding facilities. Havenwood is quite affordable for parents when they are enrolled in a family insurance plan. Much of the cost of the facility can be billed to the insurance, making it easier and more affordable for families with troubled teens. Many other teen help facilities, like boot camps and military schools, don’t qualify for insurance.

Teen Behavior by the Numbers in Idaho

As more teenagers deal with mental illness and behavior issues, it means that bad behavior is a big red flag for parents and teachers. Unless the teenagers get some professional help to guide them through the problems, the teenagers are destined to get into more and more trouble.

  • These Idaho statistics will definitely make parents sit up and pay attention.
  • Fourteen percent of all Idaho female teens have used alcohol before their thirteenth birthday.
  • Twenty-nine percent of teenage girls living in Idaho have taken a drink over the last four or five weeks.
  • Percentage of Idaho teens that have taken marijuana before: Thirty-two percent
  • Eight percent of girls in the state use inhalants to get high
  • Idaho ranks sixth in the entire country for suicide

These and other destructive behaviors will lead teens down a path toward a dark future. Enrolling Idaho teen girls in a rehabilitative boarding school is the ideal way to help them get the professional therapy and experienced guidance they need. Parents are doing the right thing by keeping girls away from military schools and boot camps.

Avoid Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Idaho

Residential treatment schools really do benefit girls from Idaho when they are locked in a loop of self-destruction. Qualified staff members work hard to reach these kids and provide them with regular therapy, a safe atmosphere and a proper academic foundation. When parents can no longer provide a stable and supportive environment, it’s time to turn their struggling teenager over to qualified experts that can guide them through specialized rehabilitation

A therapy boarding program will always be superior to military schools or boot camps simply because the treatment methods are focused on long-term healing rather than short-term compliance. It’s a fact that schools with a military influence simply work on getting teenagers to conform their behavior, and don’t bother getting to the root of the issues. The heavy emphasis on physical activity is another thing that wears teens down rather than builds them up. There’s no real benefit to such programs, especially when compared to a residential treatment program.

These are just a few of the big differences between military camps and schools and a resident boarding therapy program:

  • Licensed and experienced adolescent therapists for group meetings and individual sessions.
  • Special education certified tutors and teachers to keep teens moving forward academically.
  • Academic programs that are accredited so teens can earn a degree.
  • Recreation therapy for self-esteem and teamwork, and might include adventure sports, equine therapy, music, theater and more.
  • A comprehensive treatment program that teaches leadership skills, coping strategies, life skills and how to transition back to the home.

All this and more are wonderful reasons why Idaho parents should choose a therapy school that focuses on healing rather than boot camps and military schools for girls in Idaho that don’t help them in achieving success.

Pick Havenwood Academy Instead of Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Idaho

Idaho parents have a right to be informed on what kinds of treatment programs are part of military schools and boot camps before making the choice to enroll their teen daughter. After learning about all types of teen help programs, it’s easy to see the benefits of sending their teenage girls to Havenwood Academy. Experienced staff, outstanding programs, secure location, and a healing atmosphere help these teens rehabilitate in a long-lasting way. Havenwood Academy is the right choice to help Idaho teenagers in being the people they want to be.

Idaho parents are welcome to speak with a representative from Havenwood Academy representative when they call 1-877-830-7012.

Teens Living in These Idaho Cities Can Attend Havenwood Academy

Nampa, Meridian, Boise, Idaho Falls, Caldwell, Pocatello, Twin Falls, Lewiston, Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Rexburg, Moscow, Eagle, Kuna, Ammon, Chubbuck, Blackfoot and Garden City.


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