Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Hawaii

Complex issues are at the heart of behavior problems with teenagers in Hawaii and across the country. As teen girls make their way through an increasingly complex society with lots of school pressure and social issues, their mental health is taking a real hit. Many Hawaii teen girls face conditions such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar, substance abuse, abuse trauma and more.

Parents in Hawaii are struggling to find the right kind of program to combat this mental health epidemic in their children. Instead of turning to boot camps and military schools for girls in Hawaii, many parents are looking at residential boarding schools and therapeutic resident programs for long-term positive effects.

Facilities such as Havenwood Academy are the right type of program for troubled Hawaii girls, and parents can learn more when they call 1-877-830-7012.

Is Havenwood Academy Right for Teen Girls?

Not only is Havenwood Academy an effective treatment program for Hawaii girls, but it is quite affordable for parents who worry how a teen help program will affect the family budget. Lots of teen help programs, like boot camps and military schools, are expensive and don’t have very good results. Havenwood Academy’s clinical treatment programs qualify for coverage via family insurance plans. This helps parents of troubled Hawaii teens pay for the cost of the boarding school. Not only does it guarantee that the teen can stay for as long as it takes to rehabilitate, the financial relief is a great stress reliever for parents.

Teen girls in Hawaii definitely receive the finest treatment available when they attend Havenwood Academy. In this safe and structured environment, qualified staff members guide the girls through actual recovery steps and through healing therapy sessions. At Havenwood Academy, the approach is holistic, while at military schools and boot camps, the approach is to get the teens to conform. These alternative programs won’t have the qualified staff, nurturing atmosphere or qualified therapy that Hawaii teen girls in trouble actually need. Havenwood Academy

Teenage Behavior Statistics From Hawaii

Hawaii teens face a number of obstacles to growing up when they are dealing with mental health conditions and emotional trauma. The best way to overcome that is to receive professional therapy. Without the guidance from a therapist, teens often turn to alcohol, drugs and bad behavior to cope. This unhealthy behavior may harm them or others, and parents should be ready to take action when they notice it. No parent wants risky behavior to jeopardize their Hawaii teen daughter’s future.

Check out a few of the most troubling statistics for teenagers in Hawaii

When teenage girls in Hawaii are engaging in such risky behavior, it is dangerous, illegal and very harmful. Before this bad behavior gets out of hand, Hawaii parents might want to make arrangements for their daughter to attend a therapeutic school or residential teen help program that can help turn their lives around.

Hawaii parents should take these statistics very seriously:

  • 15% of teen girls in Hawaii first tried alcohol before 7th grade
  • 27% of Hawaii teenage girls drank in the last 30 days
  • 8% of teens total in the state get high from inhalants
  • Hawaii only has an 82% graduation rate
  • The Aloha State ranks 29th in suicides for the country

It’s never too late for parents to make a bold move and get their daughters enrolled in a program that will not only protect them from bad behavior, but help them see how such choices can impact their future. Havenwood Academy has experienced staff members that will help change the girls’ hearts and minds from the inside out.

Never Choose Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Hawaii

Military schools and boot camps were once seen as the best way to straighten up troubled teens. The military was seen as a good formula for building character, tamping down bad behavior and getting kids to respect others. However, studies show that a military approach to teenage bad behavior is not a cure that has lasting, positive effects. The only thing that boot camps and military schools for girls in Hawaii achieve is forcing them to conform. They neglect to identify the issues that are causing the risky behavior in the first place. Instead of harsh treatment, extreme physical activity and deprivation, therapeutic boarding schools are the better way to treat troubled teens.

Therapeutic resident schools and boarding programs provide teens with a nurturing environment, structure and mental health guidance that Hawaii teenagers need to rehabilitate. Such treatments are having a positive influence on the way teens approach the challenges of life, and makes their relationships with friends, families and society much better.

It’s no surprise to learn why residential therapy schools are quite effective on troubled teens:

  • Regular therapy sessions (both group and individual) are held by certified therapists
  • The academic programs are accredited, allowing troubled teens to actually graduate
  • Licensed teachers trained in special education teach small classes and provide tutoring
  • Recreation therapy programs boost self-esteem and include activities like equine therapy, drama, sports, music, adventure programs and much more
  • Life skills are emphasized, from budgets and laundry to teamwork and leadership

Hawaii parents should always consider a therapeutic resident boarding school instead of faux military schools, harsh boot camps, short-term wilderness camps and similar teen help programs. Only residential boarding schools have the track record for healing, rehabilitation and mental health help. A school such as Havenwood Academy is a teenage girl’s best option in progressing toward a successful outcome.

Havenwood Academy Welcomes Struggling Teen Girls in Hawaii

All too often, Connecticut parents are desperate for answers in how to help their teen. Military schools and boot camps justify the harsh treatment because they claim powerful results. However, enrolling teenage daughters in Hawaii into schools like Havenwood Academy have proved to be a more positive experience with lasting results. It’s every parent’s dream to see their struggling teenager girl learning to thrive, grow and handle challenges in life. There are few emotional and behavioral issues that Havenwood Academy and its staff can’t handle.

Hawaii parents should make that important phone call at 1-877-830-7012 to learn more about Havenwood Academy.

These Hawaii Cities Are Home to Teenage Girls Who Need Havenwood Academy:

Hilo, Pearl City, East Honolulu, Honolulu, Kailua, Waipahu, Kihei, Mililani Town, Kaneohe, Makakilo, Wahiawa, Kapolei, Ewa Beach, and Halawa.


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