Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Connecticut

There are so many issues facing Connecticut teens as they go through school and life in general. Conditions like anxiety, ADD/ADHD, depression and more has put a spotlight on the mental health epidemic in teens throughout the country. Many Connecticut parents are simply looking for a teen help program that gives their daughters the therapy and guidance they need. Unfortunately, there are programs like boot camps and military schools for girls in Connecticut that make big promises but don’t deliver long-term results. Connecticut parents should not enroll their girls in these types of programs, but instead look at therapeutic and residential boarding schools that are designed to help teens find success.

A place like Havenwood Academy can be an oasis for struggling Connecticut girls and their families, so interested parents might want to call 1-877-830-7012 for answers to their questions.

Why Select Havenwood Academy?

Finding a secure, structured and safe environment as a troubled teen can be difficult. When the world feels very negative and there doesn’t seem to be much hope, teens can begin real recovery efforts at Havenwood Academy. Military schools and boot camps don’t provide the qualified staff, healing atmosphere or therapeutic support they need to thrive. Havenwood Academy is proud of its success stories and encourages Connecticut parents to check here first before deciding on military-style programs.

Another advantage of Havenwood Academy is the school is very cost-effective when compared to many teen help programs across the country. Because of the clinical nature of the program, insurance companies will work with families to cover part of the tuition and board. Of course, any time families can receive assistance in paying for a teen help program, which relieves a lot of stress. Connecticut teen girls will get the best treatment possible at Havenwood Academy.

Bad Behavior Statistics and Teen Girls in Connecticut

If a troubled teen is not getting help via therapy and via intervention from caring adults, she can take out her fears and frustrations in the form of bad and unhealthy behavior. These risky behaviors are guaranteed to upset parents, but worse than that, they can jeopardize a teen’s future and even cause harm to themselves or others.

Just take a look at some of these Connecticut numbers:

  • Connecticut teen girls who drank before age 13: 8%
  • Teenage girls in the state who drank in the most recent four weeks: 32%
  • Teen girls in Connecticut who have smoked marijuana before: 35%
  • Percent of teens that graduate from Connecticut high schools: 85%
  • National ranking for suicide: 47%

Few Connecticut parents will be pleased to know that their teen daughter is behaving this way and doing things that are harmful and illegal as well. If there is a noticeable pattern or trend to bad behavior, parents should not hesitate to make arrangements for a long-term solution in the form of a therapeutic boarding school.

Don’t Select Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Connecticut

Many years ago, adults thought that tough love and a military style approach to bad behavior was the cure-all for troubled teens. Today, boot camps and military schools for girls in Connecticut are focused on making teens behave properly through strict treatment, lots of physical activity and depriving them of luxuries and leisure time. Studies show that this approach is not only ineffective, but damaging.

Therapeutic schools and resident boarding programs offer the structure and guidance teen girls need to thrive. The rapid increase in similar facilities across the country shows this type of treatment is having a positive effect on families and teens in particular.

Here are just a few reasons why therapeutic boarding schools are so effective:

  • Consistent therapy sessions run by experienced, licensed experts
  • Accredited academic programs that help teens graduate
  • Certified and experienced teachers that have some special education backgrounds hold small classes with lots of help
  • Recreation therapy programs such as equine therapy, sports, outdoor and adventure activities and more
  • Plenty of opportunities for skills development, like teamwork, leadership, and developing hobbies and talents.

It’s easy to see why parents prefer resident boarding programs over military schools, boot camps, wilderness camps and other types of programs that don’t have the overall approach to healing and mental fitness. Places like Havenwood Academy are the best options when it comes to troubled teens in Connecticut.

Struggling Teen Girls in Connecticut are Welcome at Havenwood Academy

There are lots of reasons why Connecticut parents may justify putting off the idea of placing their teenage daughters in a fine program such as Havenwood Academy. They may feel like it is a phase, or that more severe punishments might snap their children out of their bad behavior. But when teen girls are frustrated and fearful of their mental health and their own behavior, the best place for them is in a structured facility like Havenwood Academy. Here, they will learn and grow and thrive as they figure out how to deal with their emotional and behavioral issues. Parents can make a big difference in their child’s life by making that first phone call and learning more about Havenwood Academy.

Interested parents in Connecticut can contact Havenwood Academy at 1-877-830-7012 at any time.

Teenage Girls From Connecticut Cities Like These Will Thrive at Havenwood Academy:

Bridgeport, Stamford, Hartford, New Haven, Norwalk, New Britain, Danbury, Waterbury, Bristol, Meriden, West Haven, Torrington, New London, Derby, Ansonia and Groton.


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