Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Arkansas

Havenwood Academy is a top teen rehab school and it is the first choice of many Arkansas parents. Instead of looking at boot camps and military schools for girls in Arkansas, worried parents might want to seek out resident boarding schools that provide schooling and therapy. Often, parents turn to resident treatment programs for their teens, but not all facilities and philosophies are equal. Havenwood Academy is one of the top therapy treatment schools, and welcomes teens from Arkansas and across the country.

Interested parents should contact Havenwood Academy here: 1-877-830-7012. They will get many more details on what they need to get troubled teens into the program.

Why Pick Havenwood Academy?

No matter what a teenage girl’s particular issues are, from depression or abuse trauma to anxiety or bipolar, Havenwood Academy is here to help. When parents are looking at Havenwood Academy, they will see a program that provides every successful advantage in recovery. Mental health issues are nothing to minimize, and ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Here, struggling teens can affect get academic support, fun recreation therapy, regular counseling sessions, and so many more benefits. Instead of a boot camp or military school, parents should pick a therapy school.

While Arkansas parents may want the best program in the land, not all families can afford such quality care and rehabilitation. However, Havenwood Academy works with insurance companies to help cover costs, so it remains very affordable for families that already benefit from an insurance package. Because many costs can go directly through the insurance, families can better afford it over military schools or boot camps that are not recognized and therefore don’t qualify.

Troubling Statistics in Arkansas for Teen Girls

Far too often, troubled teen girls begin to act out with their behavior, harming themselves and others. When parents witness their daughters behaving badly, it can be scary. Any negative effects stop them from finding success and making progress in their interactions at home and school. Mississippi parents must ask for professional help when they see such behavior.

Check out this list of the problems that teens in Arkansas often do:

  • Teen girls who drink before turning 13: 16%
  • Arkansas teenage girls with marijuana experimentation: 33%
  • Teen girls that abuse prescription medication: 6%
  • Number of teens that have graduated in Arkansas: 84%
  • Suicide ranking for the country: 16th

Parents cannot let their teenagers continue with bad behavior and there are several things that they can do to keep them safe from harm. When taking the behavior as warning signs of serious help, Mississippi parents can make plans for a stay at a boarding school.

Why Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Arkansas Don’t Work

A school like Havenwood Academy is an ideal place for Arkansas teen girls to rehabilitate. Arkansas parents often make the mistake of picking a teen help program because it is in their same state, or promises cheap and fast behavior modification. True healing takes place over long periods of time, and any program that makes claims about full recovery in just a few weeks is misleading parents. Resident boarding schools should be the top choice of families of Arkansas teen girls who need professional help.

Parents can see from this list that resident boarding and therapy treatment programs are superior to military-style facilities:

  • Responsibility: Teens help out in all community activities, whether it’s chores or service projects.
  • Academics: Experienced teachers run small classes where teens put in effort to receive a diploma.
  • Therapy: Licensed adolescent therapists conduct group and individual appointments regularly so teens get guidance on unpacking their mental health challenges.
  • Recreation: Outdoor therapy, equine therapy, wilderness therapy and more are not only fun, but give teens time to work on teamwork, communication skills, and leadership.
  • Structure and safety: Schools are well-managed and supportive, so teens don’t have to worry about anything external such as meals, job duties and whether they will be safe.
  • Transitions: Life skills classes, family therapy and vocation training all work together to give teens a way to enter adulthood fully prepared.

Military schools simply aren’t the right place for troubled teens. The focus on tough treatment, rigorous schedules, hard disciplinary measures and other features are outdated and have been proven no to work. Parents in Arkansas must avoid programs like this, and focus on ones with healing and hope at the center, not hard core behavior modification.

Havenwood Academy is Right for Troubled Teen Girls from Arkansas

Parents should do their families a big favor and investigate Havenwood Academy as soon as possible. Far too many teenagers get into trouble and behave badly—often with serious consequences to themselves and their future. Enrolling a teen in a therapy boarding program is very difficult for parents, but at a place like Havenwood Academy, they get peace of mind that their daughter is in a school with a long history of success. It won’t take long to see that Havenwood is a very welcoming and healing place.

Arkansas parents that desire a consultation might want to call 1-877-830-7012 today. There’s no doubt that Havenwood Academy is the right place for troubled teen girls.

Havenwood Academy Helps Teens From Lots of Arkansas Cities:

Little Rock, Fayetteville, Jonesboro, Fort Smith, North Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Conway, Rogers, Bentonville, Hot Springs, Benton and Texarkana


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