Boots Camps and Military Schools for Girls In Alabama

When their daughters are young, Alabama parents want to protect them from all the troubles in the world. However, as kids approach their adolescent years, they get a big dose of reality. When emotional or mental illness issues are added on top of typical teen challenges, the results can be frustrating for both girls and parents. Some parents may feel like boot camps and military schools for girls in Alabama are the answer, but that could be a big mistake. The truth is, therapeutic boarding schools can provide a much better path toward recovery for teen girls.

Havenwood Academy will be the best choice for a therapeutic school for teen girls that may be able to help. Simply call 1-877-830-7012 for additional information.

Why Pick Havenwood Academy?

The teen help facility known as Havenwood, a residential boarding school that welcomes teen girls from across the country, has plenty of successes in teen rehabilitation. Alabama teenage girls that attend Havenwood Academy are often struggling with issues that can only be dealt with by professionals. When teachers, family and friends are no longer able to provide the support the teen needs, it’s time to consider a therapy resident school like Havenwood Academy.

The top of many reasons why Havenwood is popular with Alabama parents is that the cost of the school is quite affordable. Many family insurance plans will pay for part of the cost of the program, reducing the burden on the parents. Havenwood Academy provides a lot of different services to teen girls, so the reality is that it is affordable as well makes a big difference.

Teenage Statistics in Alabama

While most parents in Alabama expect their teens to engage in some rebellious behavior from time to time, it’s definitely not normal for that behavior to go on for long or for it to be dangerous, harmful or illegal. When teenage girls in Alabama are acting out with drugs, alcohol and other harmful things, they are not only putting themselves at risk, but their own future.

These numbers should definitely grab the Alabama parent’s attention:

  • 32 percent of Alabama teen girls drank before age 13.
  • 16 percent of teenage females in AL report binge drinking
  • 31 percent of girls in this state have actually tried marijuana
  • Just 80 percent of high schoolers actually graduate in Alabama
  • Alabama is 24th in the suicide rankings for the USA

When parents realize the seriousness of the situation and finally figure out that their teenage daughter needs some professional help, they can do the responsible thing and avoid the empty promises of boot camps and military schools for girls in Alabama. Instead, they can start researching therapy schools that know how to help.

Why Parents Should Avoid Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Alabama?

The features and programs at a therapeutic boarding school are much greater than those found at a military or boot camp program. Instead of using tough discipline and lots of physical activity to change behavior, therapy boarding schools rely on regular therapy, recreation therapy, academic support and more to get lasting results.

Therapeutic boarding schools are going to be a positive experience for troubled teen girls in Alabama in the following ways:

  • Consistent therapy appointments with both individual and group meetings.
  • Licensed therapists working with the girls to overcome their unique challenges and struggles.
  • Academic support in accredited programs to work toward a high school diploma.
  • Certified teachers that possess special education backgrounds to work closely with teen girls.
  • Recreation therapy, including equine therapy, provides teens with chances to gain self-esteem, learn communication, practice leadership and teamwork skills, and learn to love life.
  • Group living quarters so teens learn responsibility and participate in their community by doing chores, laundry and more.

There are so many ways that resident boarding schools are better than military schools, and Alabama parents need to do the research to find the best programs out there. Havenwood Academy is staffed with caring people that want to help teen girls be their best selves, and that’s why so many parents feel comfortable enrolling their daughters here.

Boot Camps and Military Schools are Not Better Than Havenwood Academy

After learning all they can about military schools, boot camps and other options, Alabama parents frequently turn to the program that can produce the best atmosphere for their daughter to get the help she needs. Havenwood Academy will put teens first, and thanks to the dedicated staff and high standards of the school, there’s little reason for Alabama parent to worry. It’s never too late to start talking to Havenwood Academy and get the very best in teen help programs.

Please contact 1-877-830-7012 to tap into more information about Havenwood Academy and why it is the better choice than boot camps and military schools for girls in Alabama.

Alabama Cities With Teen Girls That May Benefit From Havenwood Academy Include:

Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Huntsville, Auburn, Decatur, Madison, Gadsden, Florence and Dothan.


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