Boot Camps and Military Schools in Oregon

Wouldn’t you like to get your daughter some professional help to address her emotional problems, behavior struggles and mental health troubles? Of course you would. That’s why a therapeutic boarding school is a much better choice of teen help program than all those boot camps and military schools for girls in Oregon out there. Instead of choosing a suspicious program, go for one that has measured success in getting teens to thrive again.

Havenwood Academy is the right place to go, so call 1-877-830-7012 for more information on the facility, the staff and the success stories.

Why Havenwood Academy?

Your daughter is your pride and joy, but like many other Oregon parents, sometimes there are things beyond your control that affect her significantly. ADD/ADHD, anxiety, substance abuse, depression, abuse and more can really change a lot about her. If you want to get your troubled daughter into a program, Havenwood Academy is a fine choice. It’s definitely going to be part of a big step in everyone’s life to enroll her in a resident boarding school but it will be one of the best decisions you can make for her.

Havenwood Academy is also covered under many family plans as far as insurance goes. This means that the therapeutic boarding school can be more affordable than some other teen help options because it has such a fine medical and mental health approach. Of course, an excellent program that is not as expensive as some other options is the perfect recipe for Oregon families that need a long-term therapy program.

Noteworthy Numbers of Struggling Oregon Teens

It’s hard for teens to reach out and let others know they need help, and many Oregon parents don’t really have the experience to provide professional-level counseling and intervention methods that the girls need to deal with their emotional and mental health issues. When teenagers are going through their problems, they can turn to risky behavior to forget their pain, ignore their frustrations and get attention in a different way.

These are just a few Oregon teen statistics worth noting:

  • 5% of Oregon teenagers abuse prescription drugs
  • 34% of American females in grades 9-12 report drinking alcohol over the last month
  • 39% of teenage girls in the country are trying marijuana
  • Oregon teenagers that graduate: Just 60%
  • Oregon suicide ranking: 11th in the nation

It’s easy to blame bad behavior on some typical adolescent trouble-making, but risky behavior that increases over time is something to be very concerned about. If your teenager is getting into trouble at home, school and in the community, it may be time to consider a therapeutic boarding school such as Havenwood Academy.

Stay Away From Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Oregon

There are far-reaching consequences for parents and teen girls in Oregon when the kids don’t receive the right kind of help. Going to a teen program that focuses on modifying behavior without addressing the underlying issues is definitely the wrong approach to creating a toolbox for teens to use to handle life’s challenges. Picking a boot camp or military schools is not the right choice, but a therapeutic boarding school can change lives for the better.

  • Resident boarding schools first focus on therapy and looking at the causes behind the emotional and mental issues. Licensed therapists guide struggling girls in individual or group sessions to help them get through their challenges. Without professional therapy, an Oregon teen girl’s problems could get much worse as she tries to navigate the complexities of life herself.
  • Academic support is another key factor in a good resident therapy boarding school. Education is the key to success in adulthood and such schools are ideal in trying to get teen girls back on track in schoolwork. Certified teachers work with the teenage girls to get them to grade level, repair credits, and even complete requirements for a high school diploma.
  • Recreation therapy is important for teenage girls who are trying to rehabilitate their behavior, because it provides an outlet for creativity, boosts self-esteem and gives them a chance to bond with mentors and peers. Recreation therapy differs from school to school and can include outdoor activities, music, sports, equine therapy, or something else entirely.

With so many benefits of attending a therapeutic school for teen girls, why would Oregon parents even consider enrolling their daughters into a military school? Havenwood Academy meets all the requirements of a fine resident treatment school and many parents across the country have been pleased with the program.

Havenwood Academy Should be the Top Choice of Oregon Parents

There’s no doubt that Havenwood Academy is the top of the line when it comes to teen help programs. When teenagers are surrounded by support, structure and qualified staff members, they are definitely going to do better at handling life’s challenges and make the transition from teen to adult. Oregon parents will feel better about how their daughters are responding to treatment and will definitely feel relief that their teens are progressing. Havenwood Academy is the final piece of the puzzle that makes everything fall into place for troubled teens in Oregon.

Please call Havenwood Academy at 1-877- 830-7012 for more details about why Oregon parents should enroll their teen daughters here.

Teen Girls From These Oregon Cities Should Consider Havenwood Academy:

Salem, Portland, Hillsboro, Eugene, Gresham, Beaverton, Springfield, Corvallis, Bend, Albany, Medford, and Lake Oswego.


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