Boot Camps and Military Schools in Kentucky

Kentucky parents may be making a big mistake when they make plans to enroll their troubled teen daughters into boot camps or military schools. These programs are not only outdated and largely unregulated, they don’t have a lot of evidence to show that they really do make a difference in the healing and treatment of adolescent behavior. A therapeutic boarding school is a much better option, because such programs are designed to promote healing, rather than curb behavior.

Parents with questions should contact Havenwood Academy at 1-877-830-7012 and see why this resident boarding school is a better choice.

Why Choose Havenwood Academy?

Havenwood Academy is a fine place for Kentucky parents to enroll their struggling teenage daughters. The school has experience in dealing with all kinds of issues that affect a teen’s emotional, mental and physical well-being. Qualified staff members know what it takes to turn a teen girl’s attitude around and go from troubled to successful. With the help of parents and experts, Kentucky girls can learn to thrive in this safe and secure home away from home.

Havenwood Academy offers all kinds of programs for teenagers. Perhaps the most popular is the equine therapy program, where teens learn to work with horses. Some of the lessons learned in equine therapy translate to the real world, such as listening, gaining respect, giving respect, understanding body language. There are a whole range of extracurricular activities that Kentucky teens can experience when they attend Havenwood Academy.

Notable Numbers for Struggling Kentucky Teens

Risky behavior in teens can be a sign of problems that aren’t being dealt with, such as ADD/ADHD, depression, bipolar, ODD, anxiety, abuse trauma, emotional disorders and mental health issues. The more frustrated and alone the teen feels, the worse the behavior gets. When Kentucky parents look at these warning signs in teens and see them in their own daughter, it may be time to take action.

These numbers are just an example:

  • Fourteen percent of Kentucky teen girls drank before turning 13
  • Thirty-one percent have had alcohol in the last month
  • Thirty-three percent tried marijuana at least one time
  • Only eighty-five percent of all KY teens graduate
  • Kentucky ranks 19th on the national suicide list

There are plenty of wonderful resources for parents of troubled teenage girls, and therapeutic boarding schools are emerging as some of the best ways for kids to get professional help. Kentucky parents who think that teenage problems will go away on their own are making a big mistake. It’s not too late to call somewhere like Havenwood Academy and get started on rehabilitation.

Skip Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Kentucky for Something Better

When it comes to choosing a resident program for a Kentucky teen parents must do their research. It’s not enough to pick the first military program or boot camp that promises instant results. In fact, any program that promises fast behavior changes should be viewed with suspicion. Dealing with mental health issues and emotional problems is a long and deeply involved process that should take time to overcome. A therapy school or resident treatment program is the best bet that teens from Kentucky have to make things better, right now and in the future.

Military schools, boot camps and other similar programs inspire temporary behavior changes due to rigorous physical activity, strict rules, and oftentimes, through a no-nonsense pseudo-military atmosphere. While this may inspire girls to behave better in the short term, it does nothing to treat the underlying issues of what is causing the behavior in the first place.

Therapy schools have many reasons why they are superior to boot camps and military schools. Here are just a few:

  1. Licensed therapists giving individual sessions to figure out their most difficult challenges.
  2. Group therapy sessions where teens learn about positive peer support.
  3. Accredited academic programs that guide teens toward a diploma.
  4. Certified teachers that have special education training.
  5. Recreation therapy to give teens a chance to build self-esteem, learn teamwork and have some fun.
  6. Alternative therapy programs, such as equine therapy, that teach teens about communication, responsibility and building trust.
  7. Life skills opportunities, from doing laundry to helping with meal prep, that give teens the tools to move into the adult world.

It’s never going to be as effective to send a Kentucky teenage girl to a military program or boot camp facility as it will be to enroll her in a resident boarding school. Struggling teen girls in Kentucky will definitely have better, more effective rehabilitation and treatment results at a place like Havenwood Academy.

Teen Girls in Kentucky Should Enroll in Havenwood Academy

Parents of teenagers in Kentucky don’t have to bear the burden of dealing with their struggling child all on their own. In fact, there are lots of options for families in the exact situation that don’t involve boot camps and military schools for girls in Kentucky. Checking out therapeutic boarding programs like Havenwood Academy should be the first step that parents take in order to get their teenage girl on the road to recover.

It’s not too late to contact Havenwood Academy at 1-877-830-7012 to get more information on what the program can do for struggling teenage girls across the country.

Havenwood Academy Accepts Teen Girls From The Following Kentucky Cities and Beyond:

Louisville, Bowling Green, Ownesboro, Covington, Lexington, Hopkinsville, Richmond, Georgetown, Florence, Elizabethtown, Nicholasville and Henderson.


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