Boot Camps And Military Schools for Girls In Virginia

Trying to decide what to do with your teen that has severe behavioral problems can be intimidating and frustrating. If nothing you have done at home seems to be helping, you may need to consider a more intensive option like a full time teen help program. While you may assume that boot camps and military schools fall into this category, such programs usually rely on intimidation or strict discipline to achieve results, when what your teen actually needs is a supportive and therapeutic approach. Havenwood Academy is an experienced and accredited teen help program specifically designed to help troubled teen girls learn to overcome their challenges through accountability, trust and love. We help our students explore the internal reasons they have been acting out, rather than simply trying to correct the behavior.

To talk us about the challenges you are facing with your daughter and how we can help her, call us at Havenwood Academy for a free consultation. 1-877-830-7012.

Why Should You Trust Your Daughter With Us?

It has been out privilege to work with troubled girls from Virginia and throughout the country for many years. In that time, we have learned that there are no “bad girls” no matter what choices they have been making. We are confident that each teen is able to turn her life around once she is in the right environment and has the correct support and guidance. We aim to partner with you as the parent to ensure that your girl gets the help she needs to learn how to self-regulate and maintain the emotional tools she needs for a happier, more mature life.

Because most teen help programs are a significant financial consideration, parents often must take out loans or withdraw from retirement accounts to pay for it. We are proud to offer compensation through some insurance programs because of our status as a medical facility. We are happy to help you determine whether your insurance covers our services.

Issues Virginia Teens Face

Teens are often subject to temptations and opportunities to make choices that can negatively change the course of their lives. For teen girls from Virginia:

  • 16% drink alcohol
  • 6.3% abuse marijuana
  • 41st for suicide
  • 40% of teen girls get pregnant yearly
  • In 2008, over more than 1400 teens were arrested for violent acts, substance abuse and vandalism.
  • 82% of high schoolers graduate

We strive to ensure that each teen that comes to us has the best opportunity to for a well-rounded experience and a chance for a new start. At Havenwood Academy, we understand that your daughter is unique and he future is important. The environment we offer is consistent and regulated, but also loving and supportive. She can work on herself far away from the social stigmas and distractions that are stalling her progress at home.

How We Can Give Your Troubled Girl Her Best Chance For Healing?

Placing your teen in a gender specific school is a good way to help her focus on the changes she needs t make. Removing the temptations and distractions of a typical school setting is ideal for teens that have had troubled making improvement in their home environment. Other benefit we are able to provide at our facility include:

  • A wide range of therapy option like equine therapy, outdoor recreation, music and art as a supplement to traditional individual and group talk therapy sessions.
  • A loving, family style environment where great emphasis is placed on effective communication, teamwork and positive interaction.
  • A private and scenic setting that is ideal for healthy outdoor activities.
  • An academic curriculum so your girl can keep up with her education and transfer her credits when she leaves.
  • Peer positive surroundings and leadership opportunities

Your Troubled Daughter Can Thrive At Havenwood Academy

We understand that dealing with your struggling teen has been emotional and painful and sending her away for help is never something you thought you would ever have to do. We are dedicated to making sure that you get the assistance you need to choose the option that will put your family back on the path to unity and peace. Your daughter has limitless potential and we don’t believe any teen is ever a lost cause. We have successfully helped hundreds of girls that have gone on to live confident and healthy lives. We are here to answer your questions and introduce you to the manage advantages we have to offer. Contact us now at 1-877-830-7012.

We Have Helped Boys Throughout Virginia, Including:

Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Norfolk, Roanoke, Richmond, Hampton, Alexandria, Newport News, Manassas, Christiansburg, Petersburg, Hopewell, Winchester, Herndon, Salem, Staunton, Fredericksburg


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

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