Boot Camps And Military Schools for Girls In South Dakota

When South Dakota teenage girls struggle with certain conditions like anxiety, depression, and abuse, they need all kinds of help as they navigate through the hard parts of growing up. Parents may not know what to do with their teenagers, but the outstanding staff at Havenwood Academy can help. Teenagers struggle with a number of issues that require professional therapy and a different kind of academic support that they aren’t getting in traditional schools. Boot camps and military schools for girls in South Dakota are one option, but not a very good choice. Instead of giving up on them, South Dakota parents look to therapeutic boarding schools.

South Dakota parents should call 1-877-830-7012 to find out more about teen help schools like Havenwood Academy and what they can do for their family.

Why Should Parents Pick Havenwood Academy?

There are plenty of facilities out there that are competing for a South Dakota parent’s attention and there definitely needs to be some research done on which schools are the best fit for the family. That’s where Havenwood Academy does a good job in getting parents to see its array of outstanding programs. From the academic program to the regular therapy to the recreation activities, Havenwood Academy is dedicated to getting teenage girls from across the country to a place of health and healing.

The cost of a resident treatment center is often one of the biggest issues that South Dakota parents have in getting help for their teen. The good news is that Havenwood Academy is more affordable than most programs for one simple reason. Thanks to the medical nature of the programs, many insurance companies accept billing from Havenwood Academy. In other words, portions of the treatment can be taken care of via a family insurance plan, making it easier than ever to enroll troubled South Dakota teens.

South Dakota Statistics on Troubled Teens

All too often, South Dakota parents think that their daughter’s questionable behavior has to do with typical teenage attitudes instead of seeing it as a call for help. Without therapy and a supportive and peaceful place for them to get back on track, teenage girls may derail their future permanently.

Teenagers in South Dakota can get into lots of trouble, as indicated here:

  • 31% drink alcohol
  • 26% tried marijuana
  • 17th in the country for suicide
  • 47 out of every 1,000 teen girls get pregnant every year
  • 82% high school graduation

At Havenwood Academy, the all-girls program does a fine job of removing teen girls from their current environment and putting them in a place that really makes them focus on the root causes of the behavior. No military school or boot camp is going to have the same level of care and attention that a therapeutic boarding school like this one has. Staff members have lots of experience working with teen girls, and they know how to guide the girls into starting the changes from the heart and allowing them to create goals to work for.

Havenwood Academy Gives Troubled Teens in South Dakota a Chance

No parent wants to see their teenage girl self-destruct, and even though enrolling in a distant school might be best for them, it is still a big decision and is very hard. The more familiar that parents and teens are with a program, the more likely they are going to be comfortable with the process and the better the chances for success. Havenwood Academy is a rather unique resident boarding school, and it encourages both parents and teens from South Dakota to peek behind the scenes and know what to expect.

Here are just a few of the benefits of attending Havenwood Academy:

  • Ideal location. Havenwood Academy is located in a state with very high regulatory standards and tough laws on operations. This means that the school is very effective, and compliant with the law or it would not be in operation.
  • Few distractions. Havenwood Academy is an all-girls school located in a scenic area of the state, so there are reduced social distractions and teens can focus more on healing against some majestic scenery as a backdrop.
  • Regular therapy. No teenager is going to overcome mental health issues on their own, so the trained therapists and counselors at Havenwood Academy are on site to make sure group and individual sessions are attended.
  • Accredited schooling. Academics is too important to let slip, so Havenwood Academy hires real teachers to help the girls stay caught up and even excel as they work toward a degree.
  • Recreation therapy. From equine therapy to amazing outdoor adventures, Havenwood Academy makes sure the girls boost their self-esteem by getting them involved in a number of activities.

There’s nothing that the caring staff at Havenwood Academy won’t do for the students, and in the atmosphere of love, support and guidance, South Dakota teens will thrive. There’s not a boot camp or military school around that can compare to Havenwood Academy. The sooner parents can figure out the differences between the programs, the sooner their daughters can enroll and start the healing process that will bring their family back together again.

South Dakota Teen Girls Do Best at Havenwood Academy

It’s never too late for South Dakota parents to learn more about Havenwood Academy, and all the many wonderful advantages that teen girls will receive when they become students here. Even though the teens may be resistant at first, they will soon arrive at a point where they feel better about themselves when they are attending Havenwood Academy and get excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead. The staff at Havenwood Academy is dedicated to helping teenagers go from struggling and hopeless to successful and excited about their future.

Any South Dakota parents that have questions should immediately call Havenwood Academy at 1-877- 830-7012 to get more information.

South Dakota Teens in these Cities Will Do Well At Havenwood Academy

Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Rapid City, Brookings, Mitchell, Yankton, Pierre, Watertown, Huron, Spearfish, Vermillion, Box Elder, Brandon


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