Boot Camps and Military Schools For Girls in Nebraska

If you have a teen that is getting out of control and you are worried about her emotional and physical future, looking into a full time teen help solution may be the next step. Troubled girls in Nebraska and throughout the country are often sent to military schools and boot camps as a way to help them change their behavior, however, utilizing these programs may be a mistake. Not only are they often undated and unregulated, but such facilities often rely on intimidation, extreme physical exercise and depravation as a way to get results. The benefits of these programs have been proven to be short lived and often more damaging than they are helpful. An environment that is supportive, loving, and most importantly, therapeutic is the best way for your girl to explore her issues and make positive changes that will truly last.

At Havenwood Academy, we can answer your questions and help you determine the best option for your daughter and your family. Call us at 1-877-830-7012.

Why Choose Us?

Havenwood Academy is ideal for struggling girls because we incorporate a full range of helpful elements into our curriculum. Your girl will get the structure that she needs in an environment that is free of the distractions of her home and social life. We are located in a quiet, scenic and private spot where our students can take full advantage of the great outdoors and healthy activities are the basis for our program. With the help of experienced professionals, girls from Nebraska can explore and identify the issues that are causing them to act out and begin to heal from the inside out while developing healthy relationships and preparing for a successful future.

Havenwood Academy offers all kinds of therapy solutions for our students as a way to engage them on as many levels as possible. Among the most successful aspects of our program is equine therapy. Regular interaction with horses is statistically proven to help troubled teens learn how to listen and communicate effectively as well as gain confidence and practice responsibility. We understand that the needs of teens are therapeutically different from adults and we have crafted a program and an environment that caters to this difference.

Troubled Teens In Nebraska

Teens show that there is a bigger issue in play by exhibiting major behavioral issues and it is important to know what your child may be at risk for. In Nebraska:

  • 39% pregnancy rate
  • 19% abuse alcohol
  • 6% of teens use marijuana
  • Only 86% of teens graduate
  • Nebraska is 38th on the national suicide list

While there are many resources for families with at risk teens, including outpatient therapy and family support, therapeutic boarding schools are evolving as the best way for parents to efficiently and truly help their children turn their lives around in the most extreme cases. We strive to make sure that every girl that comes to us gets the best chance to begin again.

We Can Help Your Troubled Girl Better Than Military Schools and Boot Camps in Nebraska

There are many reasons why therapeutic boarding schools in general are better for troubled teens than any other kind of program and even more reasons why have such a high success rate with girls around the country. We believe that every girl is capable of change and we consistently implement the concept that there are no “bad girls”, just bad decisions. There is no teen that cannot be helped, regardless of her past. With the guidance of experienced staff and therapists, as well as an environment of love, trust and accountability, each teen is individually guided toward success on her terms and with her specific abilities. Mental illness and behavioral issues are not an overnight fix and parents should be wary of facilities that offer such promises. We encourage our students to get to the root of their issues and begin healing from there, for the best, most long lasting results.

In addition to the quality therapeutic program we offer, girls in our facility can also participate in an accredited academic program that will keep them working toward graduation. There are ample teamwork opportunities and we encourage a peer positive environment in a family style setting. It is our hope that the girls in our facility are able to develop healthy relationships with each other for support. We are also pleased to be able to accept some insurance programs as payment for tuition. Most facilities require private pay and concerned parents are faced with taking out a loan or stretching themselves financially to get their child the help she needs. Call us today to see if your plan qualifies.

Teen Girls from Nebraska Should Enroll in Havenwood Academy

You do not have to bear the burden of trying to make the best choice for your daughter alone. We are here to help you get the answers you need and to help you find a solution that will help your whole family move forward to a healthier and more peaceful relationship. At Havenwood Academy, we are her to help, so call us today at 1-877-830-7012 for more information about what we can do for you.

We Accept Troubled Teen Girls From Throughout Nebraska, Including:

Fremont, Hastings, Omaha, North Platte, Lincoln, Grand Island, Bellevue, Kearney, Norfolk, Scottsbluff, Beatrice, Papillion, Gering, York, Blair, Alliance, Nebraska City


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