Boot Camps And Military Schools for Girls In Illinois

A boot camp is a teen help program that works with troubled teens from Illinois for a few weeks and tries to get them to change their destructive and rebellious ways. It often takes place outdoors in the wilderness and involves a lot of physical work and harsh conditions. Military school is a specialized academic program that prepares teens for a career in the military. Neither of these are the right choice for long-term healing in troubled youth. The proven programs that work best for Illinois teens are therapeutic boarding schools, like Havenwood Academy.

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Why Should Your Teen Attend Havenwood Academy?

Besides being an amazing program for her academic, and mental health needs, Havenwood Academy provides you with the peace of mind you need, knowing that all our resources are working to ensure your troubled teen daughter is getting the right guidance and support. In our safe and structured facility, teen girls from Illinois get the chance to turn their back on their current life and bad choices, and start somewhere new and different. There’s no judgement, back story or labels at Havenwood Academy. Instead, your teenage daughter can din the motivation from inside to change her life for the better.

Havenwood Academy is also very attractive to Illinois parents because of the low cost. Because of how our therapy programs are set up, we can bill a lot to your family health insurance policy. This means that part, most or all of the costs of your daughter attending our therapeutic boarding school are covered. Some of the boarding school price tags out there are frighteningly expensive, yet Havenwood Academy is clearly the more affordable choice for Illinois families.

Issues That Troubled Teens From Illinois

Risky behavior is often something that troubled teen girls turn to. Whether it is to hide their pain and frustration or to take attention away from their other problems, risky behavior can lead to a lot of suffering, both now and in the future. Without the professional guidance of a therapist, many teens with behavior problems won’t be able to overcome their damaging life choices.

These are just a few risky activities that Illinois teen girls are doing:

  • Alcohol for the first time before age 13: 17%
  • Binge drinking within the last month: 39%
  • Marijuana use: 36%
  • Graduate from high school: 83%
  • National rank for teen suicide: 44th

Havenwood Academy and other therapeutic boarding schools are dedicated to helping teens choose proper behaviors and eliminating the desire to engage in risky ones. No matter how hard we force a child to behave a certain way, they will do it anyhow. Unless we help them to see that the desire to really change comes from within, they won’t see it. Let Havenwood Academy guide your precious daughter toward a new and better outlook on her life.

How Boarding Schools Differ From Boot Camps and Military Schools in Illinois

Boarding schools differ from military schools and boot camps in several ways, and parents who don’t understand the difference may be sending their daughter to a place that cannot offer long-term solutions to behavior and mental health issues. Here are just a few reasons why boarding schools are a better fit for most Illinois teen girls:

  • Academic support: Unlike boot camps, boarding schools have certified teachers with lots of experience in helping students with learning difficulties. Students can work toward a diploma as well.
  • Therapeutic healing: Highly qualified therapists work with the girls to identify and overcome their mental health obstacles.
  • Recreational therapy: From horses to art and music to outdoor activities, there are plenty of activities that will increase each girl’s self-awareness, esteem and inner strength.
  • Trained staff: From administration to teachers and everyone in between, the qualified employees of a therapeutic boarding school know how to reach rebellious teens and get them to make changes.
  • Life lessons: Teens are working toward independence, so therefore they need to learn things like leadership, budgeting, teamwork, chores, laundry, cooking and more.

There’s no doubt that therapeutic boarding schools foster a desire for troubled girls to change their ways and work with others to become their best selves. Boot camps and military schools merely try to correct behavior without giving girls the tool they need to enjoy lasting results.

Choose Havenwood Academy Over Boot Camps and Military Schools for Girls in Illinois

Havenwood Academy serves girls from Illinois and across the country. Because of our location, we must comply with some of the toughest laws on teen help facilities in the nation. Although we are a therapeutic boarding school, we truly believe that our family-style atmosphere is the perfect place where teenage girls can heal, learn, grow and thrive. The staff here has just one goal—to witness every troubled teen girl overcome her challenges and become the person she wants to be. We also like it when Illinois families that were once torn apart are reunited and eager to move forward together. Knowing that change is in each girl’s hands, we do everything we can to empower them.

If your daughter could use the tools that Havenwood Academy provides to get her life back on track, please contact us today at 1-877-830-7012. You’ll be able to talk to us about our one-of-a-kind all girls boarding school.

Havenwood Academy is Currently Serving Troubled Girls In Illinois From These Cities and More:

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