Boot Camps And Military Schools for Girls In Delaware

Delaware parents are making a big mistake when they send their troubled teen daughters to boot camps and military schools in Delaware. However, most parents don’t realize that their child is suffering with mental health issues and even emotional trauma. Parents that simply don’t know where to go for real help might jump toward the first program that seems to offer help. Boot camps and military schools just don’t have the programs in place or the qualified staff to provide the same kind of support that a therapeutic boarding school does. If there is any question about where Delaware teen girls can get love, structure and therapy, it’s Havenwood Academy.

Wise parents in Delaware know to call Havenwood Academy at 1-877-830-7012 to get answers to their questions about the programs we offer.

Is Havenwood Academy a Good Choice for your Daughter?

Havenwood Academy is a teen therapy boarding schools that has been designed to aid troubled teen girls with problematic behavior and mental health challenges. This is done via therapy, academic support and community structure. They will quickly be able to discover what their issues are and then work with staff members to develop the skills to overcome them. Teen girls will be part of the Havenwood Academy community, where they set goals, face consequences and boost their academics. There are no better programs for Delaware teen girls to work through than those offered at Havenwood Academy.

Many parents hesitate to enroll their troubled teenage daughter in any kind of therapy program because of the cost, not because they don’t want to get help for her. That’s the best part about Havenwood Academy—it is often qualified under many insurance programs so that some or most of the costs can be picked up that way, leaving the family with top care and less expenses. Because Havenwood is a medically centered teen help center, many insurance plans are able to contribute. That’s a relief for families on a budget.

Delaware Teenagers and Some Behavior Issues

Delaware teen girls often struggle with bad behavior like this:

  • 29% drink alcohol
  • 31% tried marijuana
  • 33rd for suicide
  • Of 1,000 teen Vermont girls, 81 become pregnant every year
  • Vermont’s high school completion rate is at 80%

Without a real opportunity for Delaware teenage girls to turn their lives around, they could continue down a path that will impact their future for many decades. At Havenwood Academy, the highly trained staff makes sure that the atmosphere is caring and consistent, with many people available to help them with their troubles and challenges. Free from social distractions, teen girls from Delaware are able to thrive and get back on their feet again.

How Does Havenwood Academy Help Troubled Teens Heal?

Delaware parents might be more open to sending their teenager to Havenwood Academy when they have a good understanding of the day-to-day operations at our facility.

  • Our all-girls program at Havenwood Academy has fewer distractions and more of a peer-positive influence.
  • The school employs skilled teachers that facilitate academic progress and push teens toward earning their diploma.
  • While away from home, teens can engage with others in the family-style setting and do things like chores, communication building and making friends.
  • Outdoor activities are plentiful at Havenwood Academy, and teen girls from Delaware can enjoy beautiful scenery and lots of variations. There’s even equine therapy available.
  • Top adolescent psychologists make sure each girl receives plenty of therapy sessions that will hone in on what the issues are and what changes need to be made to overcome the challenges.

Military schools and boot camps won’t provide the type of care and concern that places like Havenwood Academy will. If there are any Delaware parents that are still wondering whether or not they should take the next step, the answer is that there’s no time to lose and their daughter needs help as soon as possible.

Delaware’s Troubled Teen Girls Really Need Havenwood Academy

Parents who know that things simply cannot continue as they have been come to a place of difficult acknowledgement; they are ready to make the leap to enrolling their daughter in a therapeutic boarding school and not a boot camp or military school for girls in Delaware. Every teenage girl deserves the kind of life she’s always dreamed about and if mental health issues and behavior problems are standing in her way, then she needs professional help. Havenwood Academy is ready to invest in each teen girl and put families back together.

Parents in Delaware should immediately contact a representative with Havenwood Academy to start the process by calling 1 (800) 830-7012.

Havenwood Academy Helps Teens in Delaware in Cities Such As:

Dover, Wilmington, Smyrna, Milford, Seaford, Middletown, Newark, Georgetown, Elsmere, Newcastle


Think Havenwood Might Be For You?

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