Boot Camps And Military Schools for Girls In Arizona

What would it take for you to get your teenager the help she needs in overcoming behavioral, mental health or emotional issues? Before it is too late and your daughter ruins her future, consider enrolling her in a therapeutic boarding school. Many Arizona parents falsely believe that boot camps and military schools in Arizona are the answer for their troubled teens, but in reality, these programs simply don’t provide long-term solutions.

Therapeutic facilities and residential programs are safe and positive environments where teen girls deal with their issues and make great progress. Havenwood Academy, one of those specialized teen help schools, is where girls learn how to change for the better and return to their families as confident and healthy young women.

You can find out more about Havenwood Academy and what we do for troubled teen girls in Arizina when you call 1-877-830-7012. When you speak to a representative, please feel free to ask all the questions you want. We know how hard it is to get professional help and we’re here every step of the way.

Why Havenwood Academy?

Havenwood Academy is worth checking out. We help teenage girls from across the country, including those from Arizona. Because of our location, our program is subject to very strict state laws that ensure everything is being run properly and that our successes are many. There are a lot of other states that don’t put in the time or the laws that have such tight oversight. The result is that Havenwood Academy is one of the top programs in the country, especially when compared to programs in states with lax laws.

There’s no doubt that Havenwood Academy is superior to boot camps and military schools in Arizona. Just over the border from Arizona, Havenwood Academy is far enough away to get teens out of their comfort zones and thrust them into a rich, healing atmosphere that inspires them to do better and be better. We blend academic instruction, therapy sessions and fun activities into one amazing boarding school. Our program is designed for lasting change, unlike boot camps and military schools in Arizona.

Problems That Teens Encounter With No Boarding Schools, Boot Camps and Military Schools in Arizona

Out of control emotional and mental health challenges are very common among teenagers, and they can range from depression and anxiety to substance abuse and abuse trauma. No matter what the challenge is, if teens don’t get therapy for their problems, they may turn to risky behaviors that involve self-harm, drugs and alcohol. Parents like you who want the best for their teenage daughters should be aware of the facts in their state about teen bad behavior.

Just take a look at these numbers on teen behavior in Arizona:

  • Arizona ranks 13th in the country on teenage suicides.
  • 15% of Arizona’s girls have sniffed inhalants to get high.
  • Just 75% of teens in Arizona actually graduated from secondary school.
  • 3% of female teens in AZ have tried cocaine.
  • 17% of Arizona girls have admitted to trying alcohol before the age of 13.
  • 44% of Arizona teen girls had a drink of alcohol in the past month.

Havenwood Academy is the perfect place for teen girls who are in desperate need of counseling, school help and a self-confidence boost. If things are really bad at home and at your teen’s traditional schools, you owe it to her and her future to enroll her in a therapeutic boarding school. At places like this, she can pull things together in a caring environment with trained professional staff and administration.

Why Select a Therapeutic Boarding School Instead of Boot Camps and Military Schools in Arizona?

Boot camps and military schools in Arizona may seem like the right idea, especially if your teenaged daughter is particularly angry, disrespectful or violent. However, these behaviors are just a symptom of something much deeper that is causing her fear and frustration. Only intensive therapy can get to the bottom of those issues, but those programs simply won’t provide her with what she needs. Therapeutic boarding schools are designed to not just cure the behavior, but get to the real inside issues and resolve them.

There are many things that make boarding schools like Havenwood Academy better for your daughter than boot camps and military schools in Arizona. Here are just a few:

  • Boarding schools foster an atmosphere of trust, support and care. Boot camps are more about gaining respect and obedience.
  • Boarding schools employ licensed therapists who can help teenagers deal with their mental health issues. Military schools and boot camps don’t offer therapeutic services.
  • Boarding schools also employ certified teachers to help repair credit, pass classes and even earn a diploma. Military schools and boot camps often don’t offer school and academic programs or if they do, they may not be accredited.
  • Boarding schools offer lots of fun while learning and growing via recreational therapy like outdoor therapy, equine therapy and more. Boot camps and military schools focus on physical activity, endurance and competition.
  • Boarding schools offer family therapy so that teens and their parents can repair relationships and move forward. Boot camps and military schools won’t feature this as part of their program.

It’s plain to see why boot camps and military schools in Arizona are simply not right for teen girls and their parents who are looking for lasting change and overwhelming success. Therapeutic boarding schools like Havenwood Academy are also more affordable, because they can bill a family’s health insurance to cover some, part or all of the treatment costs. It’s hard to imagine why Arizona parents would look anywhere else, when Havenwood Academy is affordable, effective and ready to help.

Havenwood Academy Is A Boarding School Worth Considering

Teen girls who are stuck in a rut of bad behavior, negative friends, tense home life and frustrated teachers at school may feel like there’s nothing they can do to change things. That’s why parents like you need to step up and start the ball rolling for your teen.At Havenwood Academy, we use our years of experience in helping teens to guide them to changing themselves, starting with their own desires for progress. We promote self-knowledge, accountability, problem solving, focus, creativity, bravery, and much more in order to be successful in their lives.

Teen girls are capable of overcoming their inner struggles, and at Havenwood Academy, we are right by their side to guide them.Any Arizona parents who want to understand more about Havenwood Academy’s approach to helping teen girls should call and talk to a representative at this number: 1-877-830-7012. We look forward to helping girls from Arizona and across the nation in reclaiming their futures.

Arizona Girls From These Cities Are Helped At Havenwood Academy:

Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe, Peoria, Yuma, Flagstaff, Maricopa, Queen Creek, San Luis, Mirana, Goodyear, Buckeye, El Mirage, Sierra Vista, Lake Havisu City, Casa Grande and more.


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