The Benefits of Group Therapy for Teens

Mar 30, 2015

Group therapy for teens is a well-established practice within the psychological counseling community, proven to work in those cases where traditional approaches often fail. Teenagers are often hesitant to engage in traditional talk therapy but group work helps overcome their objections. This approach is particularly effective for girls and young women, who are highly likely to derive…

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Premature Sexual Development in Girls

Mar 27, 2015

Premature sexual development in girls can occur as the result of a medical condition, environmental factors or in response to sexual abuse. Puberty is challenging for most children, but the experience becomes even more difficult when it occurs too soon. Risks to young women who experience premature development can be profound, from an emotional, social…

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Acquaintance and Date Rape

Mar 25, 2015

The topic of date rape is talked about frequently in relation to college students, but much less so with regard to younger girls. Nevertheless, it is a serious problem of which adolescent and teen girls must be aware. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says that girls age 15 to 24 are four times more likely…

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Test Anxiety and Gender

Mar 23, 2015

Test anxiety is reported to be a rapidly growing problem in the United States. Research shows that this problem is exacerbated in girls and young women for every age group. Test anxiety is a type of performance anxiety related to academic evaluation. Its indications may be subtle, but its effects can take a profound toll…

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The Internet and Behavior Issues in Teenagers

Mar 18, 2015

Issues concerning the Internet and behavior issues in children and teenagers have proliferated in the media for more than a decade. The violent acts perpetrated at Columbine High School first brought the issue to light. When the behavior of children or teens takes an unexpected turn, parents and caregivers look for an explanation. Internet use…

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What is Conduct Disorder in Children and Teens?

Mar 16, 2015

Conduct disorder is much less well known than several other, more familiar problems related to childhood and the teen years. This disorder is characterized by physically violent or hostile behaviors paired with an utter disregard for others. Kids who suffer from conduct disorder are often labeled as delinquents or simply bad kids. In reality, this…

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The Pressures of Middle School on Girls

Mar 11, 2015

Middle school is an especially difficult time for girls. This life stage, spanning ages 11 to 13 and grades six through eight, is one of extreme transitions. Girls are moving from grade school toward high school, going from childhood to adolescence to the teenage years in a relatively short time. Physical changes, emotional growth and…

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Anxiety Disorder in Young Women

Mar 9, 2015

Anxiety disorder can be difficult to detect and diagnose in adolescents and teens, especially girls. Stress and anxiety are a normal part of young girls’ lives, as they struggle to transition through what can be a difficult time of life anyway. Taken to the extreme, however, it can disrupt lives. The National Institute of Mental…

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The Risks of Being a Helicopter Parent

Mar 4, 2015

A helicopter parent is one who practices an intrusive style of parenting, controlling every facet of a child’s life. Although this behavior is normal when children are very young, it becomes increasingly more detrimental as children pass into adolescence and beyond. Successful adults develop out of teenagers who learn to be independent and make good…

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