A Month In The Life Of Your Teen Girls Hormones

Apr 30, 2017

It’s difficult for parents to understand and relate to their teen daughter’s hormones for a variety of reasons. For one, hormones are unpredictable, even if her cycle is predictable. For another, mothers may expect their daughters to experience hormonal changes similar to their own, which is not normally the case – hormones are individual and…

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Takes More Than Two To Raise Successful Teens

Apr 25, 2017

“It takes a village to raise a child.” As you look around your neighborhood you may not want these people contributing to the raising of your child. But what it actually means is that the burden of parenting actually shouldn’t rest on JUST the parents. In today’s society we have made a shift to more…

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How Teachers At Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Self-Harming Girls

Apr 20, 2017

There are few things more confusing and terrifying than the realization that your teen self-harms. Most parents of self-harming teens are crushed under a weight of guilt-ridden questions: Why does she do it? When did it start? Can we get it to stop? Does this mean she’s suicidal? What did I do wrong? What do…

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Common Addictions For Troubled Teen Girls and Where to Find Hope

Apr 8, 2017

When you hear about addiction in teenagers, many often think immediately of teen boys getting involved with underage drinking or drug abuse. For some reason there exists the stereotype that boys are more risk-taking and prone to addictive behaviors.This may or may not be true, but it is important to remember that teen girls are…

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At-Home Solutions to 3 All-Too-Common Teen Behavioral Issues

Mar 22, 2017

Communicating and dealing with teenagers at home is challenging for even the toughest of souls. The uphill battle you seem to be losing daily to your teenager is not one you are facing alone. The behavior issues your teen gives you are pretty universal, and since they are all-too-common in households around the world, here…

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8 Facts Parents Need to Know About Teen Brains

Mar 15, 2017

Teenagers have many characteristics that are hard for parents to understand: being irrational, dramatic, doing stupid things, and screaming for no reason. In their growing days of gaining greater independence they still need loving care only you can provide. The same holds true for toddlers. The reason is that the brain doesn’t grow significantly (‘growth…

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Alarming Situations that Call for Professional Help at Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls

Mar 5, 2017

A therapeutic boarding school, sometimes known as a behavior modification facility, offers assistance to parents looking for help for their teenage daughter struggling with serious, ongoing emotional and behavioral issues. Often parents who seek out these programs feel they have exhausted all other options for their teen without finding real solutions. The programs might may…

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Parents On Their Last Ditch Effort Turn To Boarding Schools Specifically for Troubled Girls

Feb 20, 2017

Let’s talk about girls in the juvenile system. In 2007, a report found that while the arrest rate of juvenile offenders had decreased somewhat, the rate of arrests for teen girls actually increased by 2%, making them 29% of 1.2 million arrested that year. Girls committing crimes and ending up with records is still a…

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Utah Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls

Feb 15, 2017

When parents are seeking a resident treatment facility for their teenage daughters, many of them look to therapeutic boarding schools for answers. As they learn more about these successful teen help programs, they may finally feel as if their teenager will receive professional support and help with her emotional, behavioral and mental health problems. When…

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