Placing Your Troubled Teen Daughter In A Therapeutic Boarding School

Jul 20, 2019

Being a parent of a troubled teen is not an easy situation. Fortunately, this is not a sittuation lacking a solution. As parents, you have the responsibility to find help for your troubled teen; however, it can be difficult to find a therapeutic boarding school which aligns with your personal points of view. Teenagers: A Test Of Your…

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Adjusting Your Parenting Style to Your Teenager

Jul 6, 2019

Moms are the ultimate quick-change artists, aren’t they? They can go from story time with a toddler to crisis management faster than the blink of an eye. It can be a beautiful miracle to watch a woman be all the things her children need her to be. As children age and progress into their teen years,…

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3 Things Single Parents of Teens Must Do to Keep Sane

Jun 28, 2019

As single parents, it can be overwhelming having every aspect of home life on just your shoulders. You may be constantly worried if you’re doing enough. Are they happy? Are you giving them everything they need? Are you enough to compensate for the missing parent? It’s a constant cycle of doing the best you can…

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A Fathers Story: Finding The Right Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Utah

Mar 29, 2019

You’re scared. You’re tired. You’re worried. You’re a father. You love your daughter more than you ever thought possible, and it’s been incredible to see the change she’s made in you. It started when she was a tiny little bundle, with you wrapped around her little bubbly fingers. As she grew, so did your pride…

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What We Can Do for Worked-Up Girls that Need ADHD Assistance

Jun 3, 2017

Close your eyes for just a minute and imagine a child who suffers from ADHD. What do you see? You are probably picturing a fidgeting boy who talks a lot, causing distractions in class. He likely struggles with finishing his homework and is an average or below-average student. While you would be correct, you are…

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Troubled Teen Girls Can Turn Their Lives Around With The Right Therapeutic Program

May 27, 2017

Have you tried setting firm rules and boundaries for your troubled teen girl? Have you instituted strong consequences for her actions? Have you reached out to therapists or counselors? Have you read books, attended classes, and searched online endlessly to find a way to help her? Most parents of troubled teen girls find themselves cycling…

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Horses Helping To Heal Broken Hearts and Minds Of Defiant Teen Girls

May 22, 2017

When you have a defiant teen girl everything feels broken. Her heart. Your heart. Her mind. Your mind. Her future. The lines of communication. The path to a healthy and happy relationship. When everything feels so broken, it can be difficult to see where or when healing might come. Healing Approaches Depending on where you…

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A Month In The Life Of Your Teen Girls Hormones

Apr 30, 2017

It’s difficult for parents to understand and relate to their teen daughter’s hormones for a variety of reasons. For one, hormones are unpredictable, even if her cycle is predictable. For another, mothers may expect their daughters to experience hormonal changes similar to their own, which is not normally the case – hormones are individual and…

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Takes More Than Two To Raise Successful Teens

Apr 25, 2017

“It takes a village to raise a child.” As you look around your neighborhood you may not want these people contributing to the raising of your child. But what it actually means is that the burden of parenting actually shouldn’t rest on JUST the parents. In today’s society we have made a shift to more…

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