Benefits of Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment programs are uniquely effective for helping teenage girls overcome emotional and behavioral challenges. In this therapeutic environment, girls experience a level of structure that directs their energy toward making positive changes. In an immersive, Residential Treatmentexperiential environment, away from those influences that may have instigated the presenting problems, girls have the opportunity to alter perceptions and shed faulty beliefs. This ability to break patterns encourages the development of new beliefs and behaviors that will provide a firm foundation for healing and future success.

The Benefits of Structure

Few parents have the luxury of spending all day, every day with their troubled teen. Girls must attend school while parents work and handle the rigors of daily life, including the care of other children and family members. In a residential facility, your teen will be under constant supervision in a highly structured environment. This level of structure provides several distinct advantages. Every activity is designed to accomplish a specific purpose related to intervention, care and recovery. This keeps her focused on getting better, but also eliminates outside distractions.

The Benefits of Time and Distance

Mental health professionals frequently struggle to address problems common to adolescents and teenagers because of environmental factors. Even when teens want to strengthen and heal, ongoing exposure to the factors that contributed to core problems can undermine their efforts. Girls in particular are highly vulnerable to the influences of peer groups. Despite a young woman’s desire to make a life change, she may be afraid of provoking the wrath of her friends or clique by rejecting their influences. Residential treatment environments not only remove negative influences, but provide a level of anonymity that encourages teens to try new things and gain comfort in the process.

An Effective Way to Break Old Patterns

A young woman who experiences behavioral or emotional challenges has likely been at war with her parents or caregivers for a long time. Old patterns repeat, resulting in the same argument day after day. Residential programs provide a unique way to break these patterns, both for the young women and for her parents. Those programs that provide a strong message regarding family relationships help facilitate a return to functionality between a girl and her parents or caregivers by emphasizing the importance of a strong familial support system. Girls learn new methods of communication, allowing them to effectively open family dialogue.

The experienced, professional team at Havenwood Academy emphasizes mutual trust and love as the basis for their therapeutic programs. The ability for students to bond with staff members and each other allows the healing process to begin in a safe, nurturing environment. Contact them today to learn more about Havenwood’s residential treatment programs.


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