Alternative School for Troubled Teenage Girls

Parents of teen girls with emotional, mental health or behavioral issues may feel worry and frustration as they witness their daughters doing poorly in school, abandoning old friends for new ones, and acting more rebellious toward family members. When it seems as if there is no way for parents to intervene, that’s when it is time to consider an alternative school for troubled teenage girls. While this may seem like a last resort, alternative schools are actually one of the best ways to stop troubled teens from self-destructing and get them back on the path toward a happy and successful adulthood.

Havenwood Academy is a fine therapeutic alternative school for troubled teenage girls. Parents who would like more information on our program should call this number: 1-877-830-7012.

Benefit of Alternative Schools for Troubled Teenage Girls

An alternative school for troubled teenage girls can be a safe and secure place for kids to leave their negative life behind and start a new chapter with no baggage. Most schools are staffed with trained and experienced experts in adolescent therapy and know how to break through the pain and the suffering to find the frightened girl inside. With patience, guidance and more, they help each girl work toward the person she wants to become.

Most alternative schools for troubled teen girls work with a range of challenges, like ADD/ADHD, adoption and abandonment issues, anxiety, depression, bipolar, low self-esteem, substance abuse, abuse trauma and much more. In fact, most girls with emotional or behavioral issues would benefit from spending a school year or two at an alternative school for troubled teenage girls. Every girl receives professional help in many forms, and it’s wonderful to see how they transform when they have a skilled support system in place.

What is Life At An Alternative School For Troubled Teen Girls Like?

There are all kinds of alternative schools across the country with different treatment philosophies and different management styles. Some are Christian-based while others are secular. Some integrate outdoor recreation and even wilderness components, while others offer more typical extracurricular activities. No matter what kind of school that parents choose, there will be one that ideally fits their needs and matches their daughter’s conditions.

Life at an alternative school includes several components, and parents and teens who know what to expect will be better able to make decisions based on what will work. Here are just a few things that are part of a typical day at an alternative school for troubled teen girls:

  • Group and individual therapy sessions are a key part of helping girls recover from the obstacles holding them back. The schools employ licensed therapists who help teens figure out what is motivating the bad behavior, then they work on ways to overcome that.
  • Alternatives schools have an academic component by definition, and most have certified teachers on staff to teach small classes of girls. The teenagers can take and pass classes, get help on repairing credits, and even work toward a high school diploma.
  • Community living requires teens to live in a group, either in a dorm setting or a group home with house parents. Everyone pitches in to help with cooking, cleaning, chores, laundry and respecting each other.
  • Extracurricular activities are abundant as the girls explore who they are and what they like to do. Art, sports, music, drama, engineering, and more are key parts of developing talents and building self-esteem.
  • Recreation is really important, and many schools feature unique ways for girls to engage. Recreation therapy could include equine therapy, outdoor recreation, wilderness adventure, sports, and more.

No matter what alternative school for troubled teen girls that parents choose, they should make sure that the day-to-day operations are conducive to health and healing.

Finding an Alternative School for Troubled Teenage Girls

Parents should know that the time to start researching alternative schools for troubled teen girls is now. It’s not enough to just look at schools in one particular geographic area. Instead, parents should check out programs across the country, and look at those schools with a great reputation, success rate, open treatment policies, and an affordable cost. While it is not ever too late to enroll a teenage girl in an alternative school, it does make sense to start the process before her behavior becomes dangerous or self-destructive.

Havenwood Academy is a fine therapeutic alternative school for troubled teenage girls. We are located in Utah and welcome girls from across the country. To learn more about Havenwood Academy, please contact our offices at 1-877-830-7012.


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