Academy for Troubled Teen Girls

The stereotype for teenage girls is that they are into fashion, boys and the latest music. However, there are far too many teen girls that struggle with mental health issues that cause them to fail in school, lose their friends, and engage in risky behavior. Unless these girls get professional help, they run the risk of harming themselves or others.

Many parents of troubled teen girls don’t know where to turn for help. The good news is that there are lots of residential therapy programs where parents can enroll their daughters. The best programs are staffed with licensed and experienced employees who are dedicated to helping girls turn their lives around. Parents can do the research and find an academy for troubled teen girls that best suits their needs.

Havenwood Academy can be the right therapeutic boarding academy for teenage girls who struggle. Please take the time to contact our school at 877-830-7012.

What is an Academy for Troubled Teen Girls Exactly?

Parents who don’t know about programs like therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers and academies for troubled teen girls may have all kinds of questions and they simply don’t know where to begin. Getting educated on exactly what these programs are and how they help can give parents an advantage when it comes to making decisions about their teen.

Therapeutic boarding academies are boarding schools that house teenagers full time. At these facilities, they are safe and supervised. Unlike some programs such as wilderness camps or boot camps, the teens will stay at the academy for anywhere from 9 to 12 months. Some academies are co-ed, while others are same sex. They live in dorm style housing with mentors and house parents to help them every step of the way.

While living at an academy, teens participate in school classes, extracurricular activities, therapy sessions and contributing to the community. They are surrounded by people who are dedicated to helping them overcome their challenges in life, and they are also supported by peers who are going through similar struggles.

Will an Academy for Troubled Teen Girls Actually Help?

The success rate is very high for treating kids who participate in boarding schools and academies for troubled teen girls. Many parents and teens have nothing but good things to say about these types of schools. There are many reasons why they are so helpful to teen girls who are struggling with a number of problems, like ADD/ADHD, anxiety, low self-esteem, abuse trauma, depression and more.

Here are 5 things that therapeutic boarding schools and academies for troubled teen girls do:

  • Therapeutic help: Teens work with licensed therapists in group and individual sessions to identify and overcome their issues.
  • Academic support: Certified teachers hold small classes and get teens academically up to grade level, repair credit and work toward earning a high school diploma.
  • Recreation therapy: Whether its art, music, horses, outdoor adventure or sports, recreation therapy builds self-esteem and teaches teens valuable things about themselves.
  • Life skills: Teens will learn how to function in the world and gain skills like doing chores, laundry, cleaning, cooking, budgeting, leadership, teamwork, time management and much more.
  • Transitioning: Teens can’t live in a group home forever, so many programs focus on transitioning from full-time care to returning home to family or independence as an adult.

The professionals who work with the teenage girls know what it takes to reach even the most stubborn or sad girls. As they gain more self-esteem and achieve goals they set, the teens get closer to recovery and a bright future.

When Should Parents Research an Academy for Troubled Teen Girls?

There are plenty of girls who would be eligible for a residential therapy program, and there is no one size fits all. It’s extremely important for parents to find a program that has experience in working with girls who have similar issues as their daughter. That way, parents can get an idea of how treatments will work, what kind of success rate their program has and what their daughter can expect.

It’s never too late to start researching an academy for troubled teen girls because every week and month that the teen doesn’t get professional treatment, the worse the problem can get. Also, teens that don’t get help tend to engage in risky behavior to hide their pain. This behavior might include drugs, underage drinking, risky sexual activities, acting out in school, getting in trouble with law enforcement, and self-harm. No parent wants to wait until it is almost too late before finding help. That’s why an academy for troubled teen girls is a good idea at any stage of a parent-child relationship.

Havenwood Academy is an all-girls therapeutic boarding school that is ideal for teenage girls with mental health and behavior issues. Our unique program gives girls the internal motivation they need to make changes in their lives, and also to overcome any mental or physical obstacles they have that are blocking them from achieving the life they want.

Havenwood Academy is a fine school with a lot of benefits, so please contact us today at 877-830-7012.


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