A Month In The Life Of Your Teen Girls Hormones

A Month In The Life Of Your Teen Girls Hormones

It’s difficult for parents to understand and relate to their teen daughter’s hormones for a variety of reasons. For one, hormones are unpredictable, even if her cycle is predictable. For another, mothers may expect their daughters to experience hormonal changes similar to their own, which is not normally the case – hormones are individual and contingent upon several factors. For dads, female hormone changes may be entirely foreign to them. Of course, all parents have at least a LITTLE difficulty remembering just what it was like to be a teen. Finally, your daughter herself may be unaware of her own hormone swings, or unable to identify and communicate them. Though it may seem like an unnecessary lesson in biology, your daughters hormones play a major role on her emotions and temperament.

Since her hormones have a pretty big effect on the energy in your home, it’s important to learn how you can better understand what she is going through. This is an inside look at a teen girl’s hormonal cycle through out the month.

Hormones And Emotions Fluctuate Frequently

Week One

The dreaded premenstrual syndrome has arrived (as has her period). Girls experience this in a wide variety of ways: irritability, moodiness, anger, sadness, headaches, and more. Even she may not know what to expect. This is where you might experience meltdowns, unexpected crying, fights, and emotions that seem simply irrational.

Week Two

After her period ends, she should start feeling really good. She might be happier, more outgoing, with higher energy levels. She’ll feel a push to get out, connect with others, and do more. It can be a sudden change that surprises you, but it’s normal. Take advantage of this time to reconnect and spend extra time together.

Week Three

At this point, her body is ovulating so there will be an increase of hormones. However, your daughter is still feeling more amped up in general as her estrogen and testosterone rise. She’ll be more excited about things she loves, but may also start to feel anxiety about things doesn’t. School may stress her out more, or she’ll worry unnecessarily about the wording of a text from a boy or grow suspicious of the way a friend is acting.

Week Four

With one week to go before menstruation begins, her progesterone will rise – which will begin to slow everything down. She may be more tired than normal, have less energy and enthusiasm, experience more acne, and may even experience some blues or depression. Tread lightly and give the girl a break. By expecting her to be a little more sensitive this week, you can show her a bit more TLC.

If it seems like a roller coaster, that’s because it practically is. Being a teenage girl isn’t easy, and she isn’t always choosing the emotions and drama. While you can’t control her hormones or the effects they bring, you can take careful steps to love and support her through these challenging changes she’s learning to navigate. If your daughter experiences more than her fair share of depression, anxiety, or other issues – there is help out there for her. Really all she needs is a caring parent and time – being a teen won’t last forever.


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