10 Goals for Your Troubled Teen Girl This New Year

10 Goals for Your Troubled Teen Girl This New Year

As the New Year approaches we are all thinking about who we would like to become in 2017. What improvements would we like to make? Where do we want to be in a year? Sure, most New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned early in the year, but it’s still a helpful exercise to think through the good and bad of the previous year and set some goals for the upcoming one.

A fresh start can be even more important for teens. Long term perspective can be tricky for teenagers, but setting improvement goals can help them to see into their future a little more clearly. If you have a troubled teen girl then you know how helpful goals and long term perspective could be for her. You may wish to use 2017 as a fresh start to set some goals with your troubled teen daughter.

10 Categories For Goal Setting

  1. Academic: The school year is halfway over, and you may be less than pleased with her efforts. But that doesn’t mean she should give up! Help her set a reasonable goal for her academic success and maybe include a reward or incentive.
  2. A New Hobby: Help your troubled teen select a hobby she’s always wanted to develop, and make a plan for adopting it in 2017.
  3. Body Positivity: There is so much emphasis on losing weight around the new year. Instead help your daughter focus on loving her body for what it already is. Teach her positive affirmations about her body and practice self-love.
  4. Physical Fitness: If your daughter is interested in a physical goal, help her to set and achieve a healthy one. Maybe it’s exercising regularly or trying healthy recipes.
  5. Financial Goals: Help your troubled teen girl think beyond her current juvenile life by talking finances. Set a savings goal and a means to achieve it.
  6. Break a Bad Habit: This can be sensitive, so let her choose it. Any bad habit she may have – biting her nails, slouching, forgetting her homework – can be broken with goals and support.
  7. Reading Goal: Help her set a goal to read a certain number of books in 2017. Reading is a great way to develop her mind and practice self care.
  8. Improve a Bad Relationship: Whether it’s with you, a sibling, a friend, or someone else, mending a damaged relationship is an excellent goal for the new year. Talk her through it and provide suggestions for making things better.
  9. Therapy: If your troubled teen is in need of extra help or guidance that you can’t provide, make a goal for her to see a therapist throughout the year to work on issues she may have. Make a plan to progress if things get more serious. Getting help will be something you will not regret.
  10. Independent Skills: Learning how to do basic independent functions such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, and basic finance is a critical part of growing up and becoming an adult. Help her set achievable goals that will make her feel more independent and self-reliant.

Head into 2017 with hope and goals, and seek help where needed to make this the best year yet for your troubled teen.


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