Seth Barton, Residential Director

1SethAs the  Assistant Program Director Seth believes there is a powerful change that happens in an outdoor setting and is passionate about continuing to evolve his profession and the variety of programs that are provided for youth. Growing up in Cedar City, Seth Learned the value of family and recreation at a very young age. Seth spent most of his younger years outdoors in a variety of activities such as camping and hiking.  After high school, Seth started attending Southern Utah University, where he is currently continuing his education in marketing and outdoor recreation. He has spent much of the past 10 years combining adventure and personnel development into his own life as well as others. He an avid rock climber and competes in numerous competitions across the state. Fascinated by the connection between outdoor adventure and mental health, he has enjoyed sharing his love for climbing with many clients. Seeing people gain confidence through physical success is an important aspect of his life. Navigation of his own teen years has given Seth the ability to understand these kids on a deeper level. Seeing these kids participate in an organization that provides the opportunity for them to be part of a community that supports and understands the experiences they are going through inspires him to give his career everything he has to give. Outside of his professional life, Seth spends a great deal of his free time exploring much of Southern Utah, where he met his wonderful wife. They enjoy a great deal of activities together such as climbing, hiking, camping, and hunting.