Blaine T. Hofeling, Chief Executive Officer

3BlaineAs the CEO of Havenwood Academy, Blaine Hofeling is dedicated to making sure that the students attending Havenwood Academy are provided the best and most cutting-edge opportunities in the industry to overcome and manage their difficulties.  This includes constant research, development and implementation of the most effective programmatic, therapeutic, educational and experiential opportunities available as well as the hiring, training and retention of recognized industry leaders in all key areas of Havenwood Academy’s program.  Blaine graduated from the University of Utah, College of Law with his Juris Doctor degree.  Blaine has represented numerous treatment facilities over the years and has been instrumental in assisting several programs with legal, regulatory and treatment issues.  Blaine has also been recognized as one of the leading attorneys in dealing with issues related to the residential treatment industry.  As a result of this professional experience, Blaine is dedicated to making sure that Havenwood Academy is and remains the very best treatment option for parents and children in the residential treatment industry.  Blaine has 9 children and three grandchildren–with many more grandchildren to come.  Blaine has raised a family dedicated to service and improving the lives of the less fortunate.